Green Bay’s Epic Comeback

Rodgers return sparks memorable win

by Contributing NFL writer Brian Akins @BrianWNML

The Green Bay Packers overcame a 20-3 fourth quarter deficit to defeat the Chicago Bears 24-23 on Sunday night football.  The Bears stormed out to an early lead behind Khalil Mack’s pick six, and Aaron Rodgers then went down with injury but returned in the second half to resurrect the Packers.

Early in the first half, shock and total fear fell over Lambeau Field as quarterback Aaron Rodgers was carted off the field with a left knee injury.  Flashback to week six of the 2017 season when Rodgers went down with a broken collarbone against the Vikings.  Many Packer fans including myself thought that Rodgers was done for the season.  But to all of our surprise Rodgers came trotting out of the tunnel in the second half.

Down 20-3 Aaron Rodgers managed to put together three scoring drives in the second half that brought the Packers back from the dead to defeat the Bears.  Rodgers mounted the largest comeback in Green Bay’s 100-year history.

Aaron Rodgers now has two 20 point comebacks, and all other quarterbacks in the NFL has two combined.  There is no question that Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are among the top quarterbacks of all time, but Aaron Rodgers’ ability to make his team around him better and mount such extraordinary comebacks throws him in my opinion all the way to the top three quarterbacks of all time.

I believe that when Green Bay has Rodgers on the field they can defeat anyone that they face.  The Packer defense is not at its best, but when you have a quarterback like Rodgers at the helm you can manage to not have a Bronco defense from Super Bowl 50.

There has not been an official decision to whether Rodgers will play against the Vikings in week two, but I believe that even with a 75-80% Rodgers they have a chance to win.  As an avid Packer fan I hope that Rodgers will return to full health this season.  Full health or not, Rodgers managed to mount the greatest comeback in the history of the Packers on virtually one leg.

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