Fantasy Attack: Week 6

Time to evaluate your options moving forward

by Lead Fantasy writer Steve Cook | @SteveCook84 |

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It’s Week 6 & it’s time for a Fantasy Attack. How are your teams doing? I had a mostly successful Week 5, with a 3-2 overall record & a win on DRAFT. We always like that. Unfortunately, my two failures were in leagues I had hopes in, including one where my team dropped a grand total of 52 points. There’s not a fantasy league that exists where 52 is a good number. If you’re in one like that, let me hear about it!

There’s still a lot of time left in the season, but we’re entering the middle portion now. This is when you figure out what you have, and if you had a great draft & made some good pickups, or if the guys you picked didn’t live up to expectations. We’re far enough into the season to know who’s good & who isn’t. Don’t be afraid to bench somebody just because you drafted them high. They are what they are.

Fave Five
James Conner (16.2 DRAFT proj.): After a few weeks of inactivity, Conner showed some life last week against the sorry, no account Falcons defense with 110 yards & two touchdowns on twenty-one carries. I know some folks feel like this week’s edition of Steelers vs. Bengals is going to go different than usual. We’ll talk more about it later. Right now, all I can say is expect Conner to get plenty of run in the second half.

Sony Michel (13.5 DRAFT proj.): Relying on a particular New England running back has been dangerous over the years. Not so much in 2018. If Tom Brady wants to keep playing until he’s 53 years old, he’s going to need some help from the guys running the ball. Michel has broken out the last two weeks with two seventeen-point totals in standard leagues. If you saw him in college you know he’s legit. He’s got a legit matchup this Sunday night against a Chiefs defense that’s regularly gotten run over by running backs. Expect a big night.

Jimmy Graham (9.0 DRAFT proj.): The absence of most of Aaron Rodgers’ wide receivers meant more targets for Graham. You would have liked to see more than six catches for 76 yards out of eleven targets, but let’s be honest: You’ll take 76 yards out of your tight end and like it this season. Graham goes on Monday night against the 49ers & still catching passes from Aaron Rodgers. He might not get eleven targets, but he’ll get enough to get the job done.

Devonta Freeman (10.9 DRAFT proj.): The subject of who the “right” Atlanta Falcon running back is has been a long-running gag on the Ocho Fantasy Football Podcast. Some of our listeners have insisted that Tevin Coleman was the better choice at the position for years, even if the numbers haven’t really dictated it. Coleman has been the right play so far this year, mostly because Freeman’s been out due to injury. Devonta came back last week, he & Tevin split the carries, and Freeman averaged 4.0 yards per carry while Coleman dropped a 2.1 on em. The choice seems pretty obvious to me, and the Falcons have a dream matchup this week with a bad Buccaneer defense.

Latavius Murray (5.1 DRAFT proj.): The Vikings also have a solid rushing matchup this week against the Arizona Cardinals, who allow 142 yards per game. Much like the Falcons, Minnesota has a multiple-RB kinda thing going on. We expected Dalvin Cook to be the bellcow this season, but Cook’s hamstring has given Murray a chance. Frankly, Murray hasn’t done a lot with it, but the chances keep coming. Yahoo & other projection makers seem to think Cook will be solid this week, but I’ll believe he plays & does something when I see it. Murray seems like the more reliable option as I write this.

Fearful Four
Andy Dalton (18.2 DRAFT proj.): I know how bad the Steelers’ defense has been, except for last week. The urge is to load up on the Bengals’ passing game this week. I’d pump the brakes on that. Dalton has a career 77.2 passer rating against Pittsburgh, with 17 touchdowns & 13 interceptions in 14 games. Expecting a huge game from him in a rivalry matchup isn’t something I feel comfortable doing. Maybe I’m biased because I’ve seen so many Steelers/Bengals games, but I got a bad feeling about this one.

David Johnson (16.3 DRAFT proj.): DJ’s gotten back on the right track by finding the end zone. He’s up against a Minnesota Vikings defense that has held everybody except Todd Gurley below 60 yards. He averaged 3.1 against the 49ers last week & will be hard pressed to equal it this week. Unless he gets those red zone carries, it’ll be tough sledding for Johnson owners.

Doug Baldwin (10.7 DRAFT proj.): Dude had one catch for one yard against the Rams last week. Yet Yahoo, DRAFT & everybody else are telling me he’ll go for double digits this week. C’mon, son. The Seahawks should be able to throw the ball around some more this week, but I’m waiting until Baldwin does something in 2018 before crowning him.

Trey Burton (5.2 DRAFT proj.): Burton finally exploded into double digits in Week 4 against Tampa Bay, and gets another Florida team in Week 6. The Miami Dolphins have been good against tight ends, and their defense wasn’t the reason the team melted down in Cincinnati last week. He’ll probably get a little below five points, so average tight end numbers for this season.

Three Sleepers
Chris Godwin (43% Yahoo-owned): Godwin had himself a touchdown each of the first three weeks and was one of the beneficiaries of Fitzmagic. Like everybody else on the Buccaneers, he went into the toilet in Week 4. They went on their bye & emerge with Jameis Winston back at QB against a dreadful Falcons defense in Week 6. Expect Godwin to find the end zone again this week, and maybe a couple of more times in the weeks ahead against some Ohio-based teams.

Ito Smith (3% Yahoo-owned): We talked about Devonta Freeman & Tevin Coleman earlier, but neither of them were the Atlanta Falcon running back that found the end zone the last two weeks. Ito Smith, a rookie out of Southern Mississippi, hasn’t gotten a large number of carries, but they seem to be coming in the red zone. He might not be the “right” Falcon running back right now, but it’s looking good for him to be the correct answer in the future. If you have a Dynasty team like I do you might look into sliding him onto the ol’ roster.

Arizona DEF (15% Yahoo-owned): The Cardinal D rose from the dead last week & went off on San Francisco with 4 sacks, 2 interceptions, 3 fumble recoveries & 1 touchdown. Where’d that come from? Not sure, but the Vikings have been sneaky bad against defenses this season. Lots of sacks due to a pourous offensive line, along with a good number of fumble recoveries. Could be a good play this week if you’re looking for answers.

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