Fantasy Attack: Week 8

Making Money Moves

by Lead Fantasy writer Steve Cook | @SteveCook84 |

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It’s Week 8. How are your fantasy teams doing? I have a couple that are in really good shape, in first place in their leagues actually. I have one on the verge of the playoffs, which is fine. I have two that are 3-4 & looking for answers.

This is the time of year where you need to be making a move. The time for patience is over. If the guys you had hopes for aren’t panning out, it’s time to move on. If the guys you picked up along the way aren’t living up to expectations, move on from them too. There’s nothing worse than sitting complacent this time of the year and watching the same guys be terrible week after week. You gotta make a stand. Your fantasy life is on the line right now.

Not to pat myself on the back too much, but I made some good calls in this space last week. I even won some money at DRAFT. Hopefully I make some good calls here & win some money again this week.

Fave 5
Marlon Mack (12.9 DRAFT proj.): Mack goes right from the sleeper section to the Fave Five this week after putting nearly thirty points up against the hapless Buffalo Bills. This week he gets the inept Oakland Raiders. The Raiders defense has given up the seventh-most fantasy points to running backs this season. If only they had a dynamic player that could play linebacker or defensive end & help shut down opponents’ running games. That’d be nice, wouldn’t it?

A.J. Green (14.1 DRAFT proj.): Green was the only Bengal doing much of anything in Kansas City. Not his fault he was the only one that could get open at a defense mostly trying to stop him. The Bengals get another attractive matchup this week against the Buccaneers, and since it’s a day game I think they’ll take advantage.

Lamar Miller (11.6 DRAFT proj.): REVENGE GAME! Miller was born in Miami, went to the U & got drafted by the dolphins. He should have spent his entire career there, right? Nah, the Dolphins didn’t want to keep him around. So he signed with the Houston Texans, and has surely been preparing for this moment ever since. It helps that he’s coming off his best game of the season & the Dolphins have the 29th ranked rushing defense.

O.J. Howard (8.9 DRAFT proj.): Bengals never stop tight ends. Say it with me. Bengals never stop tight ends. I knew you could! Howard is coming off of a game where he had his most targets of the season, so you could also say that he & Jameis Winston are on the same page. We all knew he had potential when he was at Alabama, and he’s starting to deliver on it.

JuJu Smith-Schuster (13.2 DRAFT proj.): I think JSS is a fine WR & will have a good week against Cleveland. But I listed him here mostly to call out Yahoo for telling me that Smith-Schuster has “out-shined” Antonio Brown this season. Like…really? Smith-Schuster has two more receptions than Brown, and eighty-three more receiving yards. But Brown has four more touchdowns. He’s the higher scoring WR in fantasy. Don’t tell me that Antonio Brown has been “out-shined”. That’s just silly.

Fearful 4
Cam Newton (19.9 DRAFT proj.): Cam has a tough matchup with the Baltimore Ravens this week and is fighting through a sore throwing shoulder. Not ideal circumstances for Killa Cam owners. Cam has been shockingly consistent this season, with most of his point totals in the 28-34 point range. He’s typically all over the map, and he might be in line for a clunker this week.

DeAndre Hopkins (16.6 DRAFT proj.): I still don’t trust Thursday night games even if most of them have been shootouts this season. Houston’s been more about running lately, and with Lamar Miller in line for a REVENGE GAME you have to figure that Hopkins will be quieter than usual. He’s also dealing with a foot issue, which is never great on a short week.

Nick Chubb (12.8 DRAFT proj.): Chubb was the hot pickup last week after Carlos Hyde got sent to Jacksonville, clearing the way for the UGA rookie to take RB1 duties in Cleveland. The only problem is he plays against the Steelers this week, and the Steelers have a stout rushing defense. He might still lead you to a title, but it won’t be this week.

Zach Ertz (13.5 DRAFT proj.): We got another Wacky old England game! I think this is the last one, but who the heck knows. I expect them to host a playoff game here at some point. The Jaguars are pretty abysmal in general, but they are only allowing just over 180 passing yards per game. Maybe Ertz gets most of them, but I can’t see him being a good value this week unless he finds the end zone.

3 Sleepers
Anthony Miller
(8% Yahoo-owned): Miller, a rookie Bears WR, was a kinda popular sleeper pick before the season started. He’s yet to have that breakout performance, but he has kept getting more targets from Mitchell Tribusky. One expects it’ll pay off at some point, maybe even this week against a Jets team that I have no idea what to make of.

Chris Herndon (5% Yahoo-owned): Speaking of the Jets, this is their current tight end of record. He’s had touchdowns the last two games. Considering the wasteland that the tight end position is this season, you’d be well served taking a flyer on this dude.

Indianapolis DEF (44% Yahoo-owned): They’re up against an Oakland team that just traded away their top WR & put their top RB on IR. They’re coming off their best game of the season, a 19 point effort against Derek Anderson & the Bills. Carr isn’t as bad as Anderson, but he’s got nobody around him. Stream away if you can.

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