Fantasy Attack: Week 9

Did the NFL Trade Deadline help or hurt your playoff chances?

by Lead Fantasy writer Steve Cook | @SteveCook84 |

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It’s Week 9. How are your fantasy teams doing? Tuesday marked the NFL trade deadline, which actually had some fantasy implications for the first time I can remember. Here’s a quick rundown of the guys that got traded that could impact your team…

Golden Tate to the Eagles: Yep, Tate fantasy owners should be pretty happy about this move. The Eagles lack a reliable wide receiver & have a pretty good quarterback. Tate also gets an upgrade in matchups, as the NFC East defenses generally aren’t much to write home about.

Demaryius Thomas to the Texans: Thomas hasn’t quite been the same threat in Denver since Peyton Manning retired. He moves to a much better situation in Houston with Deshaun Watson throwing him the ball & DeAndre Hopkins across the field taking attention. You might be getting the Thomas you thought you were getting when you drafted him.

Ty Montgomery to the Ravens: Hopefully you weren’t starting Ty Montgomery in a fantasy league anyway.

Fave Five
Adrian Peterson
(11.9 DRAFT proj.): Who would have thought that ADAP would become the focal point of the Washington R offense in his 32nd year in the National Football League? We probably should have seen it coming due to Alex Smith Man and his cast of characters at wide receiver. He went off last week against the Giants and he has a dream matchup this week with a Falcons defense that hasn’t stopped the run ever since I can remember. Fire up Old Man Peterson and hope he doesn’t get his switch out.

Cam Newton (24.0 DRAFT proj.): Killa Cam made me look like a fool last week for doubting him against the Ravens defense. I won’t make the same mistake this week, especially against the swiss cheese that is the Tampa Bay Buccaneer defense. This man has become a top QB option this year no matter what’s in front of him.

Sammy Watkins (10.9 DRAFT proj.): Once Tyreek Hill started having injury issues, the Chiefs realized what Watkins was. Sammy is one of these guys that fantasy owners have been waiting for forever to produce. It hasn’t happened on a consistent basis yet. But if Hill keeps being out, it will happen for Watkins.

Latavius Murray (14.2 DRAFT proj.): Much to the dismay of Dalvin Cook owners like me, Murray has begun to find his way lately. Which makes it easier for the Vikings to put Cook on the shelf while he tries to get healthy one of these years. The Lions matchup tells me we’ll see a lot of Murray this week, as there’s no way Dalvin will be healthy enough for this.

George Kittle (11.9 DRAFT proj.): C.J. Bethard needs a good tight end, and he has it in Kittles & Bits. The 49ers have a Thursday night meeting with the Raiders coming up, and the Raiders are not good at covering the tight end. If anybody on the 49ers offense does anything on Thursday, it will be Kittle.

Fearful Four
Rob Gronkowski
(10.7 DRAFT proj.): Remember when the Gronk was the undisputed king of tight ends? That hasn’t been the case this season. Gronkowski hasn’t had a touchdown or gone for over 100 yards since Week 1. The Green Bay Packers have yet to allow an opposing tight end into the end zone with the football, so a lot of things will need to change for Gronkowski to have any luck this week.

James Conner (17.5 DRAFT proj.): Hey, there’s no doubt that Conner has had a spectacular last three weeks. Two touchdowns in each game. Over 100 yards in each game. That’s all well & good, but the last time he faced the Baltimore Ravens he had nine carries for 19 yards. The Ravens have shut down the run all season and this week likely won’t be any different.

Philip Rivers (17.7 DRAFT proj.): The Legion of Boom may be no more, but Seattle is becoming a competent defense one again. They’re second-best against quarterbacks this season. Rivers has been quietly consistently good all season, but this week will be a bump in the road.

Josh Gordon (8.6 DRAFT proj.): There was a report on Monday that Gordon would be punished during the Patriots’ game with Bills & see limited action. No such thing happened, though Gordon’s 4.20 points make you think he might have been punished. You can’t trust Josh Gordon, and you can’t trust the New England Patriots.

Three Sleepers
Brock Osweiler
(4% Yahoo-owned): Brock’s stretch of surprisingly competent play came to an end last Thursday night in Houston. He’ll be back in the saddle this week against the Jets, who aren’t nearly as good on defense. Expect closer to the 21 points he got in Week 7 than the 8 he got in Week 8.

Elijah McGuire (7% Yahoo-owned): McGuire has been on IR with a foot injury but is expected to return soon. With Bilal Powell done for the season, the Jets could certainly use him (or anybody else) behind Isaiah Crowell. Keep an eye on this kid, he might be on the verge of big things.

Chris Conley (1% Yahoo-owned): This guy’s had one catch each of the last two weeks. His season-high is four. His high yardage total is 21. With that all being said, the Chiefs play the Browns this week and Tyreek Hill has a groin. Patrick Mahomes has to throw the ball to somebody. It just might be Conley.

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