Dez Touches Down

Bryant signs one-year deal with the Saints

by Three Point Stance Magazine Scouting Director Justin Day | @Jdayerrday |

Finally, after months and months of waiting, from Hard Knocks to twitter, from Baltimore to Cleveland and maybe back to Dallas, Dez Bryant now has a home for the season and it is with the 7-1 New Orleans Saints.

Hot takes have immediately began spewing from the mouths of talking heads before he even takes a snap as a Saint. So as a noted Saints fan, allow me to give my take, because at first, I wasn’t so sure how to feel about the move.  I’m going to focus on what Dez maybe had to endure in Dallas and what he can potentially bring to an already potent Saints’ offense.

To more understand what the Saints may be getting in Dez Bryant it is important to look at what he last did when he was on an NFL field. Last season with Dallas, Dez was able to accumulate 838 yards on 69 catches and 6 touchdowns. His catch rate wasn’t high but those numbers with Dak Prescott as your quarterback look more and more impressive as the weeks progress. He also had to endure Jason Garrett and Scott Linehan’s ineptitude year in and year out. The massive upgrade at the quarterback position cannot be overlooked, from Dak Prescott to Drew Brees is a massive upgrade for Dez. I’m also not getting too caught up on the catch rate because Brees helped Ted Ginn Jr. become much more reliable because of his accuracy.

Where can Dez help the Saints? The offense is already averaging over 30 points a game and is as potent as ever in the Sean Peyton/Drew Brees era. I think Dez just adds another wrinkle. Which is fine, this is a low risk/high reward move. The Saints view this as a move that could help them win the Super Bowl and I agree. Dez doesn’t need to be a world beater for his tenure in New Orleans to be a success. At worst Dez will be a phenomenal red zone threat along with Michael Thomas. I think Dez will replicate what Marques Colston was able to do in New Orleans when his career was coming to an end. Help with the red zone and allow Drew to throw his best ball which is the back-shoulder throw to the sideline.

In summation, I like the move for Dez and New Orleans. If Dez does become a problem in the locker room, see ya! I would imagine this contract will be easy to get out from under. If he is willing to come in, put his head down, work, and prove that he still has some gas in the tank. Is there a better duo in Bress and Peyton that can help him prove that? I think he and the Saints are a perfect fit for one another and I for one as a Saints fan cannot wait to see him in the offense.

Also, who’s ready for Thursday Night Football on November 29th in Jerry World?!

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