Fantasy Attack: Week 10

Stay the course and stay alive

by Lead Fantasy writer Steve Cook | @SteveCook84 |

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It’s Week 10. How are your fantasy teams? Honestly, mine could be better. Things have unraveled over the past couple of weeks and I’m looking at one of my worst fantasy seasons in a long time. I’m in first place in one of my fantasy leagues, but it’s also the only one I feel confident about getting a playoff slot in. What happened?

I got cute!

My main weakness as a fantasy sports player is I tend to get too wrapped up in recent results & think that I can use them to my advantage. I have the Minnesota defense in one league. You may have noticed that they dominated the Detroit Lions last week. Which would have been great for me if they were in my lineup! The Vikings had been pretty mediocre recently & I’d just gotten a good point total out of the Chiefs defense. Kansas City was playing Cleveland in Week 9, so I figured I’d keep them in the lineup. Makes sense, right?

Nah. Don’t get cute. Go with the smarter, more established play. That way if you’re wrong, you’re at least wrong with everybody else. Sometimes you have to be defensive instead of aggressive. If you get aggressive too soon, you have to keep getting more & more aggressive until you’re aggressing your way through the consolation bracket.

Fave Five
Alvin Kamara
(19.9 DRAFT proj.): As you saw in Week 9 against the Rams, Kamara is one of those guys that can pretty much do anything. He can take a handoff. He can catch it. When he’s on his A game, not many defenses stand a chance at stopping him. The Cincinnati Bengals had a bye week to rest up, but was it long enough to get the defense healthy enough to stop Kamara? Probably not. Expect another huge week from this cat.

Philip Rivers (17.8 DRAFT proj.): Rivers has a dream matchup this week with the Raiders & should carve them up just like Nick Mullens did last week. (Nick Mullens?) This is a no-brainer, but I wanted to talk Rivers here because of something I heard on the radio last week. Cincinnati sports talk host Mo Egger casually mentioned on his show that Rivers is obviously a Hall of Famer. That thought had never crossed my mind until Egger mentioned it. But let’s dig into the idea.

-Rivers is 8th all time in passing yards, behind four guys still currently playing (Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Eli Manning, Ben Roethlisberger) two other guys his career had a significant overlap with (Peyton Manning, Brett Favre), and Dan Marino.

-He’s 6th all time in touchdowns behind Peyton. Favre, Brees, Brady & Marino. He won’t be catching any of these people anytime soon.

-His passer rating is 8th behind Rodgers, Wilson, Brady, Brees, Tony Romo, Steve Young & Peyton.

So he’s really high all time. Cool. Given that the NFL has never been an easier league to play quarterback in, the all time rankings don’t matter to me very much. When you compare him to the best of his era, who we all see in the list along with Eli, he comes up short. Add in the fact of NO RINGZ and I don’t see how he’s obviously a Hall of Famer. Am I alone here?

Mike Evans (12.5 proj.): Evans had a dreadful Week 9, only managing to wrangle in one of Ryan Fitzpatrick’s passes chucked in his general direction. The Panthers are a pretty strong defense in general, so the Buccaneers should have an easiser time of it against Washington in Week 10. You also have to figure that Evans will be motivated to get back on track after the disaster that was last week.

Tyler Boyd (14.2 DRAFT proj.): AJ Green will be out at least this week & probably more with a foot. This is not so great news for Bengals fans, given that the organization has made no effort to find a replacement, even with a bye week to do things like bring in outside talent for a workout, and seems happy to try & go at it with the limited options they have on the roster. This is great news for Boyd owners, as he’s the top option that Andy Dalton has left at WR. It’s a great matchup with the Saints, so Boyd’s got the opportunity to show that he isn’t some flash in the pan this week.

Tevin Coleman (14.9 DRAFT proj.): With Devonta Freeman out of the way for the rest of the season, Coleman’s getting a chance to show out. He took advantage of it last week in the running & passing game, putting up 156 total yards & 2 touchdowns against Washington. The Browns have refused to stop the run so far this season, so expect the Falcons to run all over Cleveland this week.

Fearful Four
Rob Gronkowski
(10.3 DRAFT proj.): Tennessee has given up the fewest points to tight ends this season. Gronk isn’t even a guarantee to play. Hope you’ve got a good backup!

T.Y. Hilton (9.3 DRAFT proj.): The Jaguars have been a bit of a mess in general, but one thing they have done well is stop the pass. They’ve given up the fewest points to wide receivers. Hilton should be healthy coming off the bye week, but he’s still going to have Jalen Ramsey up in his business.

Matt Breida (12.6 DRAFT proj.): You can’t say Breida isn’t tough. He keeps playing through his ankle injury no matter what. It hasn’t paid off for his owners the last three weeks, as he’s yet to get over five points. Now that Mullens, the future of the San Francisco quarterback position, is entrenched as the starter, don’t expet Breida to get as many carries.

Matthew Stafford (17.6 DRAFT proj.): Sending Stafford out there against the Vikings last week without anybody blocking for him, or anybody to throw the ball to, was unfair. Is it going to go much better in Chicago? Maybe? The Lions need to figure things out and you can’t trust Stafford until then.

Three Sleepers
Alex Smith
(46% Yahoo-owned): Smith has scored somewhere from 13 to 23 points all season. I’ve run plenty of QBs out there that have gone below 13. I expect Smith to go above 23 this week against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who aren’t exactly known for stopping the pass. If you’ve got somebody on a bye, Smith is a good place to go.

Jamaal Williams (23% Yahoo-owned): Williams is the clear second option behind Aaron Jones in Green Bay and hasn’t exceeded seven points all season. There’s a chance this week, as the Miami Dolphins have given up the seventh most points to running backs. Might be worth keeping an eye on.

San Francisco DEF (23% Yahoo-owned): After getting clobbered by the Rams in Week 7, the 49ers defense has taken advantage of some weak matchups. They got 10 points against the Cardinals & 15 against the Raiders. They get the Giants this week, and we all know what a train wreck that’s turned into even with those outstanding skill players. Could be a Monday night miracle in the making.

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