2019 NFL QB Class

In a lackluster year, who leads the crop?

by Three Point Stance Magazine Scouting Director Justin Day | @Jdayerrday | Mail@3PSMag.com

Every year there are teams that need that major key, the elusive franchise quarterback. Going back to last year potentially four teams got that player. Baker Mayfield (Browns), Sam Darnold (Jets), Josh Rosen (Cardinals), and Josh Allen (Bills) all went to their respective teams. So now we turn our eyes to the upcoming class and what teams may be back in the quarterback market. To put it mildly if you’re a Giants fan, be pissed, because you passed on three of the four guys last year. Deciding to take Saquon Barkley and stick with Eli Manning is and more than likely continue to bite them in the ass. Keeping everything in mind I’m going to map out my top 5 at the quarterback position at the moment.

  1. Justin Herbert, Oregon

Here I go again, being the contrarian, as always. This reminds me of the Mitch Trubisky year. Justin Herbert seems to be almost a consensus lock for many experts at the top of their QB rankings. Justin Herbert very much reminds me of Paxton Lynch. He’s got the prototypical height and weight that you would look for in a quarterback. He also possesses a plus arm but most of his plays are made off schedule. Herbert also plays in a conference that plays little defense and that shows on tape. I just do not buy the Herbert hype.

  1. Tyree Jackson, Buffalo

This is a guy I’m taking a risk on putting him this high. Above guys like Jake Browning who just barely misses out of my top 5. Tyree Jackson plays with Anthony Johnson who is my WR1 so he does benefit from the talent around him. Jackson is a project, he won’t be ready to play until year two at the earliest but more likely year 3. I think the upside could be huge with Jackson, he’s a poor man’s Cam Newton at this point. The accuracy has got to improve but his ability to move the ball with his feet, paired with the biggest arm in the class. Jackson will be an intriguing prospect to keep an eye on.

  1. Ryan Finley, NC State

Here’s another guy that a lot of people have as high as one and I’m just not seeing it. The only reason I have Ryan Finley ahead of the last two players is because you know what he will be. At worst he will be a lifelong backup, somewhat of a Chase Daniel type. He does have a very low ceiling though, I think at best he is Rex Grossman. I would compare him to Jimmy Clausen. Similar size, skill set, and college statistical production. Ryan Finley is one guy the more that I see of him, tends to look like someone who could slide down my board as the combine and pro days come along later in the process.

  1. Jarrett Stidham, Auburn

                My pre-season and season long QB1 in Jarrett Stidham slides down to number two, but he could go back to one as the process continues. I do like what I saw from Stidham in that comeback victory over Texas A&M but the LSU game is very troubling. LSU, which is one of the better defenses in the country, made Stidham look pedestrian with two interceptions. The completion percentage and touchdown production has taken steps back which is why I have moved Sitdham down. If this was last year he probably wouldn’t have been in the top 5 but I do like the ceiling Stidham has but this is another reason why teams who passed on some of the four guys last year will be kicking themselves.

  1. Will Grier, West Virginia

Jarrett Stidham’s play this season saw him slide from one to two, but it’s the opposite for Will Grier. Grier moves up one slot and it’s all because he looks like the real deal. He has confidence and moxie that reminds me of Baker Mayfield and skill set that reminds me of Kirk Cousins. There have been a handful of times this year that Will Grier has made a throw that has made my jaw drop. He may not be a perfect prospect but I think he has the work ethic and skill set to be the best QB in this class and the only guy who may be ready to play day one.

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