Fantasy Attack: Week 12

Start Turkey Weekend off right!

by Lead Fantasy writer Steve Cook | @SteveCook84 |

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Happy Thanksgiving! If you have a bunch of Kansas City Chiefs & Los Angeles Rams on your fantasy teams, you were pretty thankful last week. Both teams put up so many fantasy points that they broke Yahoo’s fantasy site and swung most matchups in favor of people owning them.

Those owners will be looking for other options this week, as the Chiefs & Rams have a bye week. People who have been reliant on Patrick Mahomes & Todd Gurley all season will be looking for other options this week. Fortunately, I’m here and I work on Thanksgiving. Let’s see if we can pull through this together.

Feasting 5
Nick Chubb (16 DRAFT proj.): Teams have been running all over the sorry, no-account Cincinnati Bengals defense all season. Marvin Lewis taking over the defensive playcalling last week didn’t change anything there. Chubb had his breakout game in Week 10 against the Falcons, and I’m expecting more of the same this week. Don’t look now, but somebody on the Cleveland Browns will probably be a big player in fantasy down the stretch. The Browns also play that Bengals defense in Week 16 in case you’re looking ahead.

Melvin Gordon (19.80 DRAFT proj.): Speaking of defenses that are incredibly week against the run, Gordon & the Chargers will be hosting the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday. Arizona has given up the second most fantasy points to running backs this season. Gordon has gone for double digits every week except Week 7 against the Titans…a game he didn’t play in. His seven-game touchdown streak ended last week, but expect him to start a new one this week.

Marlon Mack (14.30 DRAFT proj.): We’re going back to those easy running back matchups here. Mack takes on the 30th-ranked rush defense in the league this week when the Colts host the Miami Dolphins in a game with playoff implications. Yeah, I can’t believe it either. Mack brings a balance to the Colts’ offense that Andrew Luck is more than happy to take advantage of. They should produce a lot of fantasy points for owners during their playoff push.

Tyler Boyd (13.10 DRAFT proj.): Boyd hasn’t exactly taken advantage of A.J. Green’s absence to show his stuff as a top-notch wide receiver. Weeks of 6 & 7 points fall into that “not a disaster but not WR1 numbers” range. He might be one of those guys better off in the WR2 slot, taking advantage of weaker coverage. Green is expected to be back this week, and when he comes back I think Boyd will breathe a sigh of relief seeing those inferior cornerbacks back on his side of the field again.

George Kittle (13.60 DRAFT proj.): In a season where tight ends have gotten as little attention as ever, Kittle has emerged as…well…an option. He’s gone over 80 yards in 3 of his last 4 games, and does seem to have a connection with Nick Mullens. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are another one of those terrible defenses we’ve been talking about this week, and Kittle should be able to find the end zone & put up some good yardage numbers.

4 Turkeys
Davante Adams (15.90 DRAFT proj.): Being Aaron Rodgers’ WR1 makes you as safe a play in fantasy football as there is. Occasionally you get a bit of a difficult matchup though, and Adams gets one this Sunday night in Minnesota. Xavier Rhodes will be all over him, and managed to hold Adams to 64 yards in their first meeting in Green Bay. Adams did salvage that day with a touchdown, and that’s what he’ll be hoping to do on SUNDAY NIGHT IS FOOTBALL NIGHT. You’ll be starting him, but you don’t want to be down too many points heading into that game.

Philip Rivers (17.10 DRAFT proj.): I think game script limits Rivers’ potential on Sunday against an Arizona Cardinals team that still has a solid secondary. You beat the Cardinals by running the ball down their throats, and that’s exactly what the Chargers can do with Melvin Gordon & Austin Ekler. Heck, Keenan Allen can run the ball if they want. Rivers won’t be bad, but he won’t carry your team either.

Detroit RBs: Detroit’s backfield faces two problems heading into Thursday afternoon’s game…
Kerryon Johnson won’t be playing, and he’s the only Lions RB that has inspired any type of confidence for fantasy owners this year.
They’re playing the Bears. Not like Dalvin Cook has been of much use this season, but everybody’s telling me that dude is going to bust out and carry teams to titles in the stretch. He couldn’t even get you a point on Sunday night.

Steer clear of this mess until Johnson gets back.

Austin Hooper (7.10 DRAFT proj.): When you hear the words “Saints vs. Falcons”, you tend to assume that every offensive player on each team is going to go off. Not so fast, my friend! The Saints have actually been very stout against the tight end this season. And as you saw last week against the Eagles, their defense has been pretty good against teams in general. Given that Mr. Hooper’s high yardage total for the year is 77 and he’s only been useful for fantasy purposes if he finds the end zone, don’t expect too much business in his store on Thursday night.

3 tryptophan-induced sleepers
Nick Mullens
(9% Yahoo-owned): If you own the likes of Jared Goff or Patrick Mahomes, there’s a good chance you haven’t bothered having a backup QB for weeks. If you’re looking for one, there are worse options than Mullens. He didn’t put up huge numbers against the Giants, but he definitely trucked the Raiders and it’s not like the Buccaneers have stopped anybody this season. I’ve run worse people out there this time of year.

Adam Humphries (19% Yahoo-owned): We’re talking way too much about the 49ers in this column, so let’s mix in a Buccaneer! Humphries here is a wide receiver that had 20 points in Week 9 against Carolina and 12 points last week against the Giants. Jameis Winston knows him better than Ryan Fitzpatrick does, so if you’re missing Tyreek Hill or Brandin Cooks you could do a lot worse.

Corey Clement (17% Yahoo-owned): Trying to guess who’s going to get carries in the Eagles backfield from week to week is a fool’s errand. My recommendation of Clement here is a shot in the dark based on the fact he had 43 rushing yards, 26 passing yards and a touchdown the last time the Eagles played against the Giants. So you’re saying there’s a chance…

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