Fantasy Attack: Week 14

Playoffs?! Pla-PLAYOFFS?

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It’s Week 14. How are your fantasy teams doing? Some playoffs are starting this week, and some are starting next week. I got one playoff starting this week & one starting this week, with three teams out of the hunt. Well, one of those is technically still in the hunt but I need to score 150 more points than the team in front of me, so it’s not looking good.

The advice this week is simple: Keep an eye on that injury report. So many NFL players are out for the season that it’s tough to keep track. Washington’s gone from Alex Smith to Colt McCoy to Mark Sanchez in the blink of an eye. James Conner is getting the week off. A.J. Green is getting the rest of the season off. If you’re not paying attention, you might run somebody out there that won’t even be playing. This will be more of a problem week after week after guys get hurt and teams either fall by the wayside or decide to rest for the postseason.

Keep an eye out.

Fave 5
Jameis Winston (21.0 DRAFT projection): Talk about somebody that’s had an up & down season. Perhaps down & up is more appropriate. Winston was suspended for the first three games of the season while Ryan Fitzpatrick did the Fitzmagic thing. He struggled early on and got benched for more Fitzmagic, but once that genie escaped the bottle he took his rightful place as Tampa Bay’s QB1. He’s been on fire lately, powering teams in leagues I’m in into the playoffs. He’ll power those teams to the next week due to his Week 14 matchup with the New Orleans Saints. The Saints defense has been better this season, and has scored double digits the last three weeks, but I think that means they’re ripe for a letdown.

Jarvis Landry (10.20 DRAFT proj.): Landry had been the forgotten man in the Cleveland offense while they were running over inferior defenses, but once they started losing again they went to their security blanket. Their game with Carolina this week is a tough one to call, but I think it’ll be close either way. Baker Mayfield will be looking towards the experienced Landry to get past Carolina’s weak secondary.

Aaron Jones (17.30 DRAFT proj.): I don’t know much, but I do know that everybody always runs all over the Atlanta Falcons. I have no idea what to expect from the Green Bay Packers on Sunday. Aaron Rodgers should be free & loose to do whatever. It might be a really, really good week to own Packers, and running backs against Atlanta are always a safe bet.

Rob Gronkowski (9.10 DRAFT proj.): To be honest, this is more of a hopeful pick than anything else. Gronkowski just isn’t the guy he once was. A couple of weeks this season he’s been as good once as he ever was, but it just hasn’t been the dominant Gronk that we all knew & loved for so many years. He’s got a good matchup this week with a Miami Dolphin team that has allowed multiple tight ends to score multiple touchdowns in a game this season. As thin as the TE position is, a diminished Gronk against Miami is still a solid choice.

LA Chargers DEF: The Cincinnati Bengals’ offense has gotten very little accomplished since A.J. Green got hurt, and even less after Andy Dalton got hurt. Expect more of the same this week against a Chargers defense that’s been shutting people down lately. If you’ve been paying attention you know that defenses can put up some points and swing matchups. The Texans did it this week for a lot of people, as one example. If you’re up against an owner with the Chargers D you could be in trouble.

Fearful 4
Jared Goff (18.40 DRAFT proj.): Last week I went against Saquon Barkley, and while he still rushed for 125 yards he ended up with well below the point totals he’d been getting lately, so I’ll take that as a win. My stud I’m going against this week is Goff, and it’s for the same reason I went against Barkley. They may not have shown it last week, but the Chicago Bears have one of the greatest defenses in the history of the NFL this season. It’s tempting to think the Rams could take care of them, but then you realize it’s in Chicago, and it’s on SUNDAY NIGHT IS FOOTBALL NIGHT. It’s gonna be cold & windy and just horiffic conditions for offenses. Goff won’t get completely shut down, but he won’t get what you’re hoping for from him.

Kenny Golladay (11.40 DRAFT proj.): Golladay is getting balls thrown his way because there’s nobody else left in Detroit to throw them to, but he’s getting a heaping helping of Patrick Peterson this week. As bad as the Cardinals are this season, Peterson is still shutting fools down, and he doesn’t need to waste his time with anybody else on the Lions. Forget about having a holiday with Golladay this week.

Spencer Ware (11.80 DRAFT proj.): With Kareem Hunt now out of the National Football League, Ware has reclaimed his spot on top of Kansas City’s running back list. It worked out well against the Raiders, who haven’t stopped a running back since James Brooks got 26 yards in 11 carries during the 1990 Cincinnati Bengals’ divisional playoff game against the Los Angeles Raiders. This was the last time the Bengals made the divisional round. Not that I’m bitter. Ware gets a tougher task this week against a Baltimore defense that stops running backs in its tracks. If Kansas City gets by Baltimore, it won’t be due to its running game.

Speaking of which…

Baltimore DEF: Yeah, as much as I like these guys, they’re going against Patrick Mahomes and that hasn’t ended well for most people this season. They were a good start last week against Atlanta, but now they’re playing a team with something to play for. Time to jump off that wagon. Mahomes gonna go off like he’s Week 2 Andy Dalton.

3 Sleepers
Ty Montgomery (13% Yahoo-owned): Let’s go back to that Chiefs/Ravens game, shall we? Gus Edwards has emerged as the top running back in Baltimore, but hasn’t shown the ability to be used as part of the passing game. Montgomery can do that, and the Ravens have insisted on getting the ball into his hands often during the past two games. You never know what’s going to happen in that Baltimore backfield, so he may end up helping his team and yours.

Dante Pettis (7% Yahoo-owned): Pettis has developed some kind of chemistry with Nick Mullens over the past couple of weeks. It hasn’t been enough to get anything going for San Francisco, but it’s getting Pettis on the fantasy radar. 13 points in Week 12 & 24 in Week 13 means he’s somebody to keep an eye on. With all the WRs hurt out there, you might have a spot for him on the ol’ roster.

Jaylen Samuels (13% Yahoo-owned): To be fair, Samuels will probably be over 50% by the time this gets posted. He’s filling in for James Conner as Pittsburgh’s RB1 this week against a sorry, no account Raiders team. He’s eligible to be played in the TE slot along with the RB slot. With TE being what it is this year, you’ll probably take him over whoever you’ve got this week. Assuming Conner comes back in Week 15 this is a one-week play. But this might be the one week you need him.

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