Fantasy Attack: The Final Countdown

Wrap up your Fantasy Football season with $$$

by Lead Fantasy writer Steve Cook | @SteveCook84 |

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Do you want fantasy points? This week should be full of them! The final four teams left in the NFL postseason have some of the most prolific offenses in the game. It’s two rematches…one game was 45-35 in Week 9 while the other was 43-40 in Week 6. This should lead to two very high-scoring games.

Or will it? We’re talking about an arctic blast in Kansas City this weekend, which could hamper the Chiefs’ & Patriots’ offensive efforts. The Saints & Rams will play in the Superdome, but haven’t been putting up those 40+ point totals lately.  The playoffs have been lower-scoring than expected, which gives the “defense wins championships” crowd the high ground.

We’re not here to talk about actual football though. We’re talking about fantasy points & winning DRAFT Best Ball games & DFS & things like that. Here are the guys that can make it happen. In some shocking news, I didn’t go off the board and pick a backup QB this week. But ya never know…


  1. Drew Brees: If you’re going to give me Drew Brees in the Superdome, I’ll take it every single day. When 300 yards, 2 touchdowns & 1 interception is considered an average week from a guy, it tells you quite a bit. Brees went off for 346 yards & 4 touchdowns when the Saints played the Rams in the Superdome in Week 9. I’m going to emphasize not putting too much weight into previous game performance this week, but Brees has a strong track record that goes back more than just one game. He’ll be all right this week.


  1. Patrick Mahomes: The first Chiefs/Patriots clash in Week 6 was a fireworks show that culminated in everybody making a big deal of Tom Brady shaking Patrick Mahomes’ hand. It feels like this is the time of year where we’re always wondering if Brady & the Pats are ready to pass the torch. They usually aren’t. The rumored snow won’t help the odds of a passing explosion this week, but if we’ve learned one thing this year it’s not to bet against Mahomes putting up some numbers in any circumstance.


  1. Tom Brady: The reason I don’t have Brady a little higher this week: Kansas City has the weakest rushing defense of any of the teams left. Since Tom isn’t exactly a runner, I expect other Patriots to be putting up the numbers.


  1. Jared Goff: Goff & the passing game have been pushed to the side in favor of an emphasis on Todd Gurley & the reborn C.J. Anderson. Which is fine for the Rams, but makes Bengals fans like me wonder about the wisdom of our team hiring the guy overseeing the Rams passing game. Goff did go off against the Saints last time, so if he gets a chance he could make it happen for you.


Running Backs

  1. Alvin Kamara: You have to like pretty much any running back involved in this week’s action for a variety of reasons. Kamara found the end zone twice in Week 9 and has just been getting better as the weeks pass by. Just one of the funnest athletes out there to watch.


  1. Sony Michel
  2. James White: We all know that Bill Belichick is a diabolical mastermind. We also know that Kansas City has a pretty weak rushing defense. We also think there’s going to be snow, which will encourage running the football. What we don’t know is who Belichick will utilize. Michel seems like the safest bet. He went for three touchdowns last week, and got two touchdowns in Week 6 against KC. But just when you know the answers, Belichick changes the questions, and there’s a healthy James White looking to pick up the scraps. Expect the Pats to run it down the Chiefs’ throats on Sunday night.


  1. Todd Gurley: Hard to believe that a man of Gurley’s stature can slot in at the 4 slot, but that’s how much I like all the running backs this week. Even with C.J. Anderson getting some run now, Gurley’s still getting it done. The Saints’ defense has been massive this season, & Gurley “only” got 68 yards & a touchdown last time they played. Which is a down game for him & for nobody else.


Wide Receivers/Tight Ends

  1. Michael Thomas: 171 yards & a touchdown last week against the Eagles set a Saints’ franchise record. He got 211 yards & a touchdown the last time the Saints faced the Rams. LA will certainly center their defensive gameplan around stopping him, but that doesn’t look possible at the moment. Sometimes you gotta ride the hot hand.


  1. Julian Edelman: Speaking of hot hands, Edelman’s were cold just after his comeback. All of a sudden, he develops a nose for the end zone the last couple of weeks of the regular season, and then he gets 9 catches for 151 yards against the Chargers. Brady has a favorite receiver, so any time he drops back the Chiefs need to worry about this guy.


  1. Travis Kelce: You know which receivers do well in the snow? Tight ends! So it’s a good idea to keep a spot open for either this man or Rob Gronkowski in your lineup. Kelce’s been a more consistent threat so I’d go with him, but don’t be surprised if a Gronk resurgence is the main topic of conversation around the water cooler on Monday.


  1. Tyreek Hill: This guy went off for 3 touchdowns & 142 yards back in Week 6. You know that Belichick’s going to do all that he can to limit Hill’s effectiveness this week. It doesn’t mean that he can. If KC makes it over the hump this week, you can bet your bottom dollar that Tyreek Hill will have made a big play to make it happen.

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