Creating NFL Rivalry Trophies

Why Don’t NFL Teams have trophies for rivalry games like CFB?

by Three Point Stance Managing Editor Brandon Rush | @BrandonRush |

College football is rich in tradition, decades old rivalries, and trophies awarded to the combatants annually like the Keg of Nails, Old Oaken Bucket, Paul Bunyan’s Axe, the Golden Hat, and so many other awesome and awkwardly named prizes of victory.

One of my favorite things to see during conference play is seeing teams posing for pictures with the rivalry hardware, sprinting to the other sideline to snatch the trophy back, and the pictures from the team plane with the prize securely buckled into its own seat on its way back to campus.

It’s just a shame that these sort of rewards don’t have a professional equivalent.

IMAGINE if the NFL had The Peninsula Prize, Golden State Cup, The Key, or Empire Award.

They may not exist yet, but it is 2019. There are 3D printers that can make body parts, artificial intelligence, and celebrities as politicians. We can make anything happen. The No Fun League could benefit from something new that doesn’t cost them a damn dime, and can give fans something else to take pride in.

Some of these awards become interesting because all the teams don’t play each other annually, but that just makes the heart grow fonder not having the Prize for multiple seasons.

So lets dive in to what these Trophy Games could be at the next level.

The Peninsula Prize
Miami, Jacksonville, Tampa Bay: The three NFL teams in Florida (for now – Jacksonville will be the London Jaguars by 2030) play for a golden state shaped phallic award that players would willingly clutch and would get photoshopped unmercifully.

Beltway Belt
I fully expect the XFL to have a championship belt instead of an actual Lombardi-esque trophy, but a Baltimore/Washington belt would be great. Seeing Lamar Jackson cutting a promo on Case Keenum with the strap over his shoulder would just be ::chef’s kiss::.

The Key
Pennsylvania’s combatants of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh don’t need another reason to dislike each other, but the teams in the Keystone state should play for a Giant Key. Right?!

Golden State Cup
Rams, Chargers, 49ers, and for one more year Oakland
San Francisco and the Rams would have more opportunities to claim the Cup as they play twice a year as division opponents, but if a revamped Oakland squad won the cup then bolted to Vegas it could live in the new stadium off The Strip as a center piece of everything else they have stolen. How very Raider of them.

Empire Award
Giants, Jets, and Bills
Buffalo would win by default as they are technically the only team that plays in New York, but the more entertaining part of this is which team would butcher it the best.

There are plenty of others that would not be appropriate or funny in a few years, but I feel this is a nice start.

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