NFL Pre-Preseason Power Rankings

Do the defending champs take the top spot?

by Three Point Stance Magazine co-creator Jeff Lyons @JeffreyCLyons |

With the NFL Preseason starting, we look at where the teams stack up before preseason injuries and surprise cuts come.

Rank Team Notes
1 New England Patriots Won’t be here at the end of the year, but Champs get top spot
2 Kansas City Chiefs Does Mahomes regress?  If no, they are good
3 New Orleans Saints Need to win every game to guarantee the dome
4 Chicago Bears Defense will be even better and 2nd year of Mitch under Nagy
5 Los Angeles Chargers Rivers is getting old, but this team is solid
6 Los Angeles Rams Struggled late, but division is weak
7 Dallas Cowboys Can the offense click, because the defense will be good
8 Houston Texans Should finish close to .500, but maybe this is the year
9 Indianapolis Colts Young team, added talent, getting better
10 Tennessee Titans Mariota needs to stay healthy for them to be great
11 Philadelphia Eagles They choose Wentz, now he has to win
12 Carolina Panthers Cam or no Cam, they are dangerous
13 Seattle Seahawks Home field advantage and weak division give them hope
14 Pittsburgh Steelers No idea with them
15 Baltimore Ravens If Jackson can pass, they will be good
16 Minnesota Vikings On the descend
24 Miami Dolphins Surprise they are this high
18 Denver Broncos Does Flacco fix it?
21 Green Bay Packers May have the worst roster in the NFC North
20 Cincinnati Bengals Green is already done, may need to drop
19 Detroit Lions Either the overhaul works or they are going to be bad for years
22 Jacksonville Jaguars Foles is the man, right?
23 Buffalo Bills Same question for Allen, as for Jackson
17 Cleveland Browns Still not buying they can block anyone
25 Washington Redskins Who is playing QB?
26 New York Giants This has a chance to see everyone turn on Eli
27 Atlanta Falcons If they prove they are healthy, they will move up
28 Tampa Bay Buccaneers So many changes, but still have Jameis
29 New York Jets Bell doesn’t make them competitive
30 San Francisco 49ers Let’s see if Jimmy G can recover
31 Oakland Raiders They could be good, but high odds to suck
32 Arizona Cardinals Call me skeptical, but I don’t think they can stop anyone

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