An Uneducated Take: Week 2

After two weeks, have we learned anything?

by Three Point Stance Contributor Zack Couch | @ZackCouch

Another week ends and I still feel as if I know nothing.  Injuries, bad calls, extra point shenanigans, and maybe just a hint of hope.  Who knows?  It’s the NFL and nothing makes sense.

QB Injuries
Two weeks down and we’ve lost four starting quarterbacks for potentially extended periods of time.  The big ones being Drew Brees and Ben Roethlisberger going down.  I will keep banging the Colin Kaepernick drum, but only in regards to the Jags and Jets.  I want to see if Teddy Bridgewater can get back to the form he had before his injury.  Probably not, but I got a lot of love for that kid.  

Red Alert: Steelers
Mike Tomlin and company are staring at the abyss and it’s not getting any easier. However, Mason Rudolph has looked better than Ben has in the last two weeks.  So, there might be a ray of sunshine, but with their next six games being at Niners, Bengals, Ravens, at Chargers, Dolphins, and Colts, we could very well see the Steelers sitting 2-6 going at the halfway point and I am not sure if Tomlin gets another year.

Lamar Does It Again
Jackson again piled up the stats and is proving to be fantasy gold.  But the most impressive thing to me was the clutch throw and catch on 3rd and 11 with three minutes to play.  A 41-yard completion to “Hollywood” Brown essentially ended the hopes of the Cardinals.  Number 3 on my list of top plays from the weekend.

Miami Bad
Yes, they are.  There’s no other way to say it.  The ship has sunk.  They are the worst team in football, and the Pats didn’t even have to look unstoppable on offense to do this.   If you haven’t seen it, just look up Collins’ pick six from the game.  It’s a beautiful thing.  #2 top play.  

Anyway, there’s nothing anyone can do to save the Dolphins for this year.  However, trading Minkah Fitzpatrick to the Steelers for a first round draft pick may end up being huge for them.  So, a little silver lining for next year.

My Happy Place
So, I have never been the biggest Russell Wilson fan. Being a biased Niner, I felt like a lot of his success was just luck and a stellar defense through the years, but leading the way for Penny’s 37 yard TD run and throwing the block at the end was a beautiful thing.  That was the top play of the week for me.

So, the series of events that led to Denver taking the lead on the 2-point conversion against the Bears made my question my sanity.  How are they not lining up from the 3 1.2 yard mark after taking a five yard penalty and then the Bears penalty?  I understand the explanation but it felt like shenanigans to me, and then the bullshit roughing the passer call against the Broncos on the ensuing drive and allowing the Bears to call timeout after the game had ended.  This just felt wrong on so many levels.

Quick Takes
Mahomes: One quarter of greatness was all he needed to beat the Raiders.  A little worried though that they couldn’t do anything for three quarters.
Cousins: You’re not that guy.  Aside from the one TD pass to Diggs, you were terrible. 
Jets-Browns: Damn, was this game bad?
Arizona: Defense looks good and Kyler is better than I expected.  Excited to see more.
Buffalo: New York State Champs!
Antonio Brown: I’ve got nothing…I hope it’s all false…if not, wow.
Falcons: Nice job. Good win. The division is wide open right now. Keep it up.
Dallas: Oh god, are they really that good?
Giants: Sad Eli GIFs will be the norm for the rest of the year.  I’m not sure Daniel Jones can do a better job.

Ray of Hope
The Niners are 2-0 on the road to start the season and have two winnable home games upcoming against the Steelers and Browns. With the way the offense performed against the Bengals, they could be a very tough team to beat come late November if they stay healthy. Granted, they already took a blow with LT Joe Staley breaking his fibula. He’s not looking to be back for at least 6-8 weeks.  Things could definitely be lot worse for the Niners, but there is hope.

Look Ahead
I’ve got my eye on four games for Week 3. Battle of unbeaten between Baltimore and KC should be fun, Dallas gets their turn with Miami, Texans at Chargers potential game of the week nominee, and the Rams visit the Browns on Sunday night for a potential shit show performance from the Browns. 

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