An Uneducated Take: Week 3

WTF to Clarity in one weekend

by Three Point Stance Contributor Zack Couch | @ZackCouch

A fictional golf caddy once said, “Never bet money that you don’t have on a dog race with an ex-girlfriend who happens to be a stripper.”

Now, I didn’t do that, but the bets made on Week 3 certainly made me think of that.  I spent most of Week 3 curled in a fetal position and mumbling due to the shenanigans that were seen.

There were some moments of clarity.

Gambling is tough
So, of course I bet the Pats. 21 point favorite over the Jets.  Why not?  Felt legit.  They want to come out, make a statement and say “who needs AB?”  They did those things, and then Belichick decides to bench Brady…one pick 6 later and there you have it.  That bet is dead.

And why not take Atlanta on the road in Indy after a win against the Eagles?  Feels safe.  What could go wrong? Fuck this!

You know what else made sense?  The Arizona Cardinals over the Panthers.  Just last week, I spoke about how impressed I was with this Cardinals team, and with Cam Newton out.  Seemed like a lock…until Kyle Allen decided to have an amazing first game in the NFL.   Shenanigans…Tom Foolery…Jehoshaphat

Mahomes is a god damn wizard.  How is he this good in technically his second season playing?  I know I said last week I was worried when they couldn’t do anything for 3 quarters, but that doesn’t matter right now.  Mahomes has the offense humming.

On the other side of the coin, Lamar Jackson fell back to Earth a bit.  It wasn’t a terrible performance.  He didn’t turn the ball over, but he did not look good out there except for that rushing TD he had.  He should be fine next time he’s out.

GIANTS WIN, but oh no, not Saquon!
Daniel Jones wins his first start after, to quote a friend of mine, “The Bucs bucked.”  I’m gonna try to temper the hype a bit on this one.  Jones looked good, but it was against the Bucs, and I honestly think Eli could have came out there and won that game also.  So, I’m not on the “Jones Era Has Begun” bandwagon.

It’s a damn shame about Saquon, but I feel like clip of Saquon hobbling off the field on one leg after the win may be worth being out 8 weeks.  Do we have a GIF yet?

And honestly, I didn’t think this was going to be that great a game.  On paper, it looked terrible, but we got one of the most entertaining games of the year out of this one.  Definitely the Game of the Week.

Saints Lead the South
Teddy Bridgewater was fortunate in this one as special teams and defense each got the team touchdowns, but he had an okay performance.  No turnovers, only 3 scoring drives, but they all ended with TDs.  I can’t complain too much.  He was on the road in Seattle.  Very curious to see the Sunday Night game against the Cowboys

Quick Takes
Washington: Season’s over.  Pack it in.  I thought Miami was the worst team in football, but it’s you.
Lions: The Lions are undefeated after three weeks?!?!
Browns: Life is hell and it’s not gonna get better anytime soon.
Bengals: So close, yet so far…
Bills: 3-0 and waiting to implode…
Eagles: It’s about to get real ugly, real god damn fast. The rest of the schedule is scary as hell for them.
Chargers: It’s okay, you have time. Winnable games upcoming.
Antonio Brown: Welcome to the XFL.

And Finally, Steelers-Niners
This is the game that had me recoiling in horror as a 49er fan.  Four first half turnovers, and two of them when the team was in field goal range.  Just unacceptable, but you have to give credit to the 49ers defense as they were only down 6-3 at the half.

Pittsburgh ran 52 plays on offense and the Niners held them on all of them except for two plays.  The Steelers had a total of 239 yards and they got 115 of those yards on two plays.  Take away those two plays and the Niners gave up 2.48 yards per play.  That’s incredible or is it?

I saw a blurb earlier today saying that Mike Tomlin is getting a pass for this season.  I’m not sure why.  His team had a +4 turnover advantage in the first half and could only manage 6 points.   That’s inexcusable.  It can’t be ignored.  You should be the best coach in the XFL next season due to the product you are putting on the field.

Look Ahead
Of course, Cowboys-Saints is the big one, but don’t sleep on these other matchup. Chiefs-Lions, Bills-Pats, and Vikings-Bears.  And for this week, I love the Rams as a 9.5 point favorite at home against the Bucs.  Should be able to clean up on that one.  Until next time…

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