Knee Jerk Tuesdays

How are we feeling after this weeks action?

by Three Point Stance Managing Editor Brandon Rush | @BrandonRush |

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There is Fugly, then there was this last week of football action.

From Wisconsin’s pants and Purdue’s uniforms to the Rams defense and the Bengals existence, it was not pretty.

I honestly thought the Eagles were broken and done, then the NFL does what it always does, makes you think you know whats going on just to comeback the next week and throw it all out the window. We were led to believe the Packers had a good defense, then that game happened.

Maryland’s early season success was a complete fraud. That Syracuse win a few weeks ago was an aberration… Justin Fuente better know a good realtor. Hokies. Woof… San Jose State scored twice in the final 4 minutes to get a brutal back door bad beat to Air Force bettors. Should have known that once the BBDBB shows, its going to be a rough weekend of gambling…

Anyone who gave Clemson a first place vote should be automatically banned from that poll… LOVE Mack going for two and win at home against Clemson. That said, an option to the short side of the field?… Nebraska, whole booty… Notre Dame plays to the level of their competition. Bye Week should be an interesting matchup after USC… If Michigan gets housed by Wisconsin, then thump Rutgers, how bad are the Badgers going to punish Rutgers?! Fully expect Iowa to beat up the Wolverines this week… Had A&M lost to Arkansas, I would have bought a premium subscription to Aggie message boards just to watch the world burn… Indiana is close to being good. Sparty almost let another one slip away at home… Georgia Tech scored two point in their loss to Temple. Would you rather score 0 or 2 points? Either way, not good… If Jeff Brohm had ANY luck with QB health we’d be back on the BrohmSquad… SMU is one win away from bowl eligibility… UCLA came back to earth. 17 points against Arizona is a bad look…

Time for the Falcons to be sellers… Maybe I missed it, but no one threw a dildo on the field against the Patriots?! Buffalo, I don’t even know who you are anymore… Maybe the Lions are good (?) or the Chiefs aren’t firing on all cylinders yet… One 40 point performance does not exonerate Freddie Kitchens and/or Baker Mayfield’s decision making. I did find it curious that OBJ had two catches and they won handlily. It’s like the less he is involved the better the offense goes… Rams. WHOLE BOOTY DEFENSE. Remember when the Bucs won at New Orleans to start last year, then went back to being the Bucs?… Russell Wilson, MVP candidate?… Vikings, really? Bears missing 5 starters, Roquan Smith out, and Trubisky goes out early and you still cant muster competitiveness? Shoulda kept Teddy, or Case, or Sam… Something about the Saints in the Dome. NFC teams better hope New Orleans doesn’t get home field…

Pittsburgh is in capable hands with Mason Rudolph. Wouldn’t make the playoffs with or without Ben, but they are at least competitive… Bengals need not only to be sellers (AJ Green, Geno Atkins), they need to be contracted…

Helmet Stickers

Oklahoma State RB Chuba Hubbard – Not sure where he ranks on Justin Day’s 2021 Draft Rankings, but my god, this kid can go. 296 yards rushing vs Kansas State and deserves to be a household name.

Oklahoma QB Jalen Hurts – 415 yards passing on 17 completions and 70 yards rushing. Four total TDs.

Whoever runs UCONN Football’s social media – Get HOUSED by UCF, but ever the eternal optimists. Celebrating the 21 points they scored after being down 56-0.

Jaguars RB Leonard Fournette – 200+ rushing yards will always get respect around here.

Browns RB Nick Chubb and WR Jarvis Landry – Studs. Do. Stud. Things.

Tampa Bay offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich – Used the pieces handed to him and absolutely pants Wade Phillips.

National Football League – Suspended Raiders LB Vontaze Burfict for the season for yet ANOTHER illegal hit. Dude plays with no regard for the safety for himself of the others on the field.

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