Fantasy Attack: Week 5

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by Lead Fantasy writer  Steve Cook@SteveCook84 |

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It’s Week 5. How are your fantasy teams doing?

Mine are doing pretty badly, so it’s time to re-focus on other matters. I’ve never been big into the daily fantasy games, but this year seems as good a time as any. Our friends at have an array of games you can play related to each NFL game. It’s quite a lot. Today, I thought I would take a look at a couple of the games available for Thursday night’s showdown between the Rams & Seahawks.

Fantasy Challenge
In this game, you pick the three players involved in the game that you think will get the most fantasy points. You have to pick at least one player from each team. For Seahawks vs. Rams, the following players are available:

Chris Carson
Brandin Cooks
Will Dissly
Todd Gurley
Cooper Kupp
Tyler Lockett
DK Metcalf
Rashaad Penny
Robert Woods

You can tell they kind of had to stretch for a couple of those selections. Kupp’s been on fire all season so he seems like an obvious pick. Gurley’s always dangerous too. For a Seahawks selection. I’d go with Lockett since he’s a deep threat and the Rams D got carved up by Mike Evans this past Sunday. So those would be my three picks there.

Over Under
Each game has six opportunities for you to guess who will go over or under the projected fantasy point total. Three of them involve 4, 5 & 6-way predictions, we’ll look at the three with two players, which will answer your questions for the other ones anyway:

Chris Carson & Todd Gurley (14.5 fantasy points for both) : I like over for Gurley, under for Carson.

Cooper Kupp & Tyler Lockett (18.5 fantasy points for both) : I’d go over on both.

Russell Wilson & Jared Goff (22.5 for Wilson, 20.5 for Goff) : Over on both.

You can tell I’m big on the overs, which might not be smart because LOL THURSDAY NIGHT.

Here, you pick whichever player you think will have the biggest fantasy point night. Some of these matchups will give a player extra points to make things more interesting. In most of them it’s around a half point. In the case of Wilson vs. Goff, Goff gets an extra 2.5 points. I’d still take Wilson there because the dude is just ridiculous.

So if your fantasy season, like mine, is on life support, there’s no shortage of ways to keep your NFL interest up. I should point out that MKF also has contests ongoing for baseball, golf, soccer, hockey, WNBA and pretty much any other sport you can think of.

Hopefully we can get them on the wrestling bandwagon one of these days.

Fave Five
Jameis Winston
: Has Bruce Arians unlocked the secret into making Famous Jameis live up to the potential that made him the #1 overall draft pick? Part of it can be chalked up to playing terrible defenses, but the dude has gone over 380 passing yards each of the last two weeks & looked especially impressive in Los Angeles. The Saints may have shut Dak Prescott & the Cowboys down in Week 4, but have still given up the third-most points to quarterbacks this season thanks to huge weeks from Russell Wilson & Deshaun Watson. This could be the week where Jameis proves that Tampa doesn’t need to find another guy at QB.

David Johnson: The Miami Dolphins aren’t playing this week, so I don’t have any slam dunk picks for this section due to the fact they’re playing against one of the worst-looking teams in this decade. I have something close to it, though. Johnson has gone for double-digit fantasy points three out of the first four weeks of the season, largely due to his receiving yardage. He goes to Cincinnati this week to face a Bengals defense that’s been getting destroyed by running backs. James Conner & Jaylen Samuels both racked up enough receiving yards to have dominant Week 4 performances, and it’d be shocking if DJ doesn’t do the same this week.

Josh Gordon: Picking a Patriot wide receiver or running back to have a big week is always a risky proposition. Most of the time, you just know it’s going to be somebody, but have no idea who Tom Brady & Bill Belichick will target. This season, the Patriots have mostly been getting points through their defense. I’m going to take a shot in the dark this week and say that Gordon will have a couple of big plays against an ineffective Washington secondary to put himself on the fantasy map for the season.

Alshon Jeffery: Jeffery missed Week 2 & 3 due to a calf injury. It may be a coincidence that the Eagles lost those games while winning the two games he did play & score touchdowns in, but it’s obvious that Carson Wentz likes throwing to the dude. With a few extra days to get fresh thanks to Week 4’s game taking place on Thursday, Jeffery will be ready to go against a Jets secondary that’s given up the fourth-most points to WRs so far even though they’ve only played three games.

George Kittle: As good as the 49ers have been on both sides of the ball during their first three games, Kittle’s been a bit more pedestrian than owners drafting him as a top-3 tight end were hoping. I’m expecting him to break out on Monday night against a Browns defense that got lit up by Delanie Walker in Week 1 and allowed Mark Andrews & Hayden Hurst to make decent-sized plays last week.

Fearful Four
Kirk Cousins: To be fair, I’d wager that most of you aren’t starting Kissin’ Kirk in a yearly format or a daily one at this point. I just need to vent here about how terrible this guy has been since making the move to Minnesota. An offense with two top notch WR1s in Adam Thielen & Stefon Diggs has been reduced to a 1930s Big Ten style rushing attack with no ability to do anything else when the run isn’t working. The Vikings gave Cousins tons & tons of money to be a glorified traffic cone. He has a good matchup with the Giants this week so people will try to talk themselves into him. Don’t do it.

Brandin Cooks: Considering that Jared Goff threw the ball approximately 287 times during the Rams’ Week 4 game with Tampa Bay, Cooks’ 6 catches for 71 yards were depressingly slight compared to Cooper Kupp & Robert Woods’ stat lines. He did get the most targets in Week 3, but I’d expect another week of him being the third option when the Rams head up to Seattle on Thursday night.

Evan Engram: Engram is one of the main focal points of the Giants’ Daniel Jones-led offense, which will be great most weeks but not so much this week against a Vikings defense that should have no problem feasting on the young rookie. There will be some bumps on the road for this man, and Week 5 will be one of them. Engram’s been up and down in point performance so far, I expect a down week here.

Nick Chubb: Picking against Chubba Lubba Dubba is a pretty risky proposition, but he’s got a pretty tough matchup this week. The San Francisco 49er defense has let to allow a running back to go over 75 yards or score a rushing or receiving touchdown. People were talking about how good the Browns looked this week with the offense running through Chubb…we all know that isn’t going to last. Cleveland can’t have nice things.

Three Sleepers
Jacoby Brissett
(36% owned in Yahoo fantasy leagues): Brissett has yet to be spectacular for the Colts, but he’s also yet to be horrible, with his low score so far coming in at twenty points. We all know that the Kansas City Chiefs are an offensive juggernaut but challenged defensively. T.Y. Hilton is expected back in the lineup and should be able to help Brissett take advantage of an appetizing matchup.

Noah Fant (11%): Fant was the less-heralded of the pair of Iowa tight ends drafted in the first round of this year’s draft, but I had a feeling he could end up being more successful. Largely due to his landing spot in Denver & association with Joe Flacco, a man that loves to throw the ball to tight ends. He got his first touchdown of the season last week against Jacksonville, and as Flacco continues to gain confidence in Fant, the numbers will improve. The Chargers have been weak against tight ends this season, so this could be an opportunity for Fant to take it to the next level.

Mohamed Sanu (28%): Even with the likes of Julio Jones & Calvin Ridley competing for Matt Ryan’s attention at all times, Sanu still finds his way into getting his numbers. Atlanta wasn’t awfully competitive against Tennessee, but Sanu got twelve targets & took advantage of some late-game shenanigans. Slot receivers tend to do well against the Houston Texans, so look for Sanu to make another random box score appearance this week.

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