Knee Jerk Tuesdays

At this point of the year, I feel like I KNOW some things.

by Three Point Stance Managing Editor Brandon Rush | @BrandonRush |

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At this point of the season, I feel there is enough data points that we can look at and understand with 100% certainty. On the other hand, its just a small enough sample size that you can be lied to by numbers and metrics.

Mark Twain said it first, and it is still true. There are lies, damned lies, and statistics.

Some lies you tell yourself (your favorite team is going to win this time) and lies you let others tell you (X player is top tier).

These may be lies, but they are the truth according to me.

That Rams vs Seahawks game might be in the running for game of the year… Temple is not a team you want to see on the schedule. Tough damn group… The Bad Beat of the year was wiped away…

The troll job by Cincinnati’s social media team after beating Central Florida was just epic…

I am not convinced that Alabama is the best team in the SEC, LSU might be the biggest threat to the Crimson Tides reign… Oklahoma and Texas sleepwalked thru their games leading up to the most fun week of the year… Wisconsin is going to steamroll every team they play this year, but that matchup in Columbus in three weeks is going to be a doozy… Penn State, sneaky good but the reckoning is on the horizon… PLEASE stop with the SEC hype train. Neither Florida or Auburn are going to be there when it matters most… Oregon might be the best team out west, but Justin Herbert has not been the guy this year that we were led to believe… Mike Gundy can’t have nice things. Ranked for the first time in a while, and get pushed around by Tech… Iowa State’s offense woke up… How is Miami feeling about Manny Diaz now?… UCLA, woof…

Arizona, welcome to the winners column… Raiders almost gave that thing away a few times… Bucs went back to being the Bucs… Still don’t believe in Philly… Patriots do just enough to smother you… Gardner Minshew is Great Value Baker Mayfield, but may be better… Shocked Dan Quinn’s key card worked to get him into the facility on Monday… Denver, welcome to the winners column… Aaron Rodgers should move to Arlington when he retires. He owns that place… KC does bleed. Hmmm. Colts are sneaky good but I can’t fully buy in yet. I don’t know what it will take, but Jacoby and the Fighting Brissetts are a damn good team. Frank Reich can coach his ass off…

Pause the stream of conscience for a moment.

The sooner coaches get out of their own way, the better off they can be. Case in point, what took place in the Meadowlands on Sunday. Minnesota had been incredibly mediocre on the offensive side of the ball, led by your annoying neighbor who is probably the head of the homeowners association Kirk Cousins.

Cousins is NOT a great quarterback. I will stand proud and die on the hill shouting loudly for eternity that the Vikings could have kept Sam Bradford, Teddy Bridgewater, or Case Keenum and been better off in the short AND long term than giving Cousins a contract equal to the Gross Domestic Product of Malta. Maybe he is a better leader and locker room guy, but on the field, no thanks.

That said, Minnesota has some damn good weapons. Adam Thielen, Stefon Diggs, Kyle Rudolph, and a healthy Dalvin Cook might be the best starting skill position tandem in all of football.

While yes, defense and running the ball will win you a lot of games at any level, Mike Zimmer has to put his ego and philosophy aside to allow the assets you have do their jobs.

Fast forward to Sunday, 17 completions for the group and you won convincingly. Could it be a fluke, or a statistical anomaly, or the result of playing the Giants? Absolutely.

Minnesota doesn’t play what I consider a “good” defense until December. Crank this bitch up to 11 and lets get going.

As you were.

As I stated in last weeks article, one game does not absolve the sins of Freddie Kitchens and Baker Mayfield. The 49ers are good, but even though they are the last remaining undefeated team in the NFC, I can’t buy in just yet. Big test in Week 6 at the Rams… Not that he needs it, but Nick Bosa ensured he will never have to pay for a drink in Columbus ever again. The Flag Plant was two years in the making…

Helmet Stickers
Texas Tech QB Jett Duffy – Tech’s 3rd QB to take snaps this year torched Oklahoma State for 424 yards and 4 TDs.

Saints QB Teddy Bridgewater – Four touchdowns in a dismantling of Tampa Bay. Not the first time Teddy B has shredded a Florida team in the Superdome.

Panthers RB Christian McCaffrey – 176 yards rushing, 61 receiving, 3 total TDs. In the running for MVP?

Texans WR Will Fuller – Back from an injury shortened 2018 in a big way. 217 yards and three touchdowns.

Cowboys WR Amari Cooper – Best Cowboys receiver since… ? 11 catches 226 yards. Boom.

Saints WR Michael Thomas – Absolute freak. 11 grabs 182 yards and 2 TDs.

Bills DT Jordan Phillips – Three Sacks for a defense that is tough.

ESPN Thursday Night College Football Analyst Pat McAfee – Completely and joyously lost his shit on the air during the waning moments of the Temple vs East Carolina broadcast because of the gambling implications for what might have been the Bad Beat of the year.

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