An Uneducated Take: Week 5

Learning as we go

by Three Point Stance Contributor Zack Couch | @ZackCouch

Week 5 is laid to rest and the football gods are smiling upon some, while others are languishing away in an infernal pit of loss and hopelessness. This past week’s picks were better than usual.  So good, that I considered renaming the article to “A Slightly Educated Take,” but that would seem foolish.

Also, I’ll probably go 0-5 next week. I’m sitting at 8 and 5 for the year now.  Who knows? Anyway, let’s get to it.

Cowboys Down…
The Cowboys are not ready for the spotlight.  There is no other way to say it.  The Cowboys offense looked terrible the last two weeks, and overall they are a second or third tier team despite being tied for 1st in the division.  As the Saints exposed them in Week 4, the Packers further drove them into hell.  However, things can still turn around for them.  They get the Jets on the road this week, so it’s not all bad.

Packers Look Strong
The Packers are in firm control over the NFC North right now sitting at 4-1 with wins over Chicago and Minnesota.  Things couldn’t be better for them, yet there is still doubt over the horizon.  This year’s scheduled was front loaded with home games after their next two in Lambeau against the Lions and Raiders, they are looking at 6 out of 9 road games to finish the season with stops at the Chiefs and Niners mixed in.

Things could get rough real quick, but I doubt they will.

Game of the Week
Once again, Thursday Night provided the best game of the week.  The Rams and Seahawks put on a great show, but Seattle prevailed in what was the closest game of the week.  The Seahawks are looking like a Top 5 football team again and their next four games against the Browns, Ravens, Falcons, and Bucs are easily winnable.

The Rams on the other hand are still in good shape at 3-2.  After a showdown with the Niners this weekend at the Colosseum, they are looking at games against the Falcons, Bengals, and Steelers.

49ers are back??!?!
San Francisco delivered a dominant performance on Monday night against the Browns.  The running game was incredible and the return of Tevin Coleman has made the offense that more dynamic. As long as that d-line stays healthy, this could be a special ride for them.

Side Note: Before the game started, I mentioned to Brandon Rush that Bosa may come out with a little extra incentive to go after Mayfield due to the infamous flag planting in Columbus.

Quick Takes
Washington, Bengals, Jets, and Dolphins: You may as well consider yourselves Bye Week opponents for every team until the end of the year.

Christian McCaffery: Wow!

Falcons: …

Denver: 1st win of the year…yay…it was in Week 5…booo!

Raiders: Back to back wins can really change the way world looks.

Ravens: You needed OT to beat THIS Steelers team?!?!?!

Titans: They signed Cody Parkey?! God, I wish the Bears were on their schedule and somehow Parkey kicked a game winner.

Top Ten Teams
Sure, this is just space filler but this is just a chance to see where we are after everyone has played at least four games.

  1. New England Patriots: Even with being inconsistent, they still lie atop the mountain.
  2. Green Bay Packers: With road wins over Dallas and Chicago, they are currently the best team in the NFC.
  3. Kansas City Chiefs: The loss this week doesn’t hurt that bad and they are still a top tier team.
  4. Seattle Seahawks: Toughest team in the NFC West at the moment and can beat anybody.
  5. San Francisco 49ers: They look great…but they haven’t played anybody yet.
  6. New Orleans Saints: Defense is good and Teddy is guiding the ship, but the offense is not consistent enough.
  7. Indianapolis Colts: This is a very tough team and will be a tough out for anyone.
  8. Philadelphia Eagles: Clearly the best team in the NFC East at the moment.  I still feel hyped for the Week 7 matchup against the Cowboys.
  9. Houston Texans: The AFC South race between them and Indy is going to be a must watch affair. Watson looked amazing this past week, but it was against the Falcons…
  10. (tie)Buffalo Bills and Los Angeles Rams: The Bills are here strictly because of the 4-1 record and not getting blown out by New England. The Rams are still a great team, they have just a rough couple of games.

Look Ahead
New England on the short week against a Giants team that desperately needs to keep pace with Dallas and Philly. Pats open as -14 favorites but are now at -16.5.  I may be crazy, but I am fairly certain the Giants cover.

Houston and KC should be a great game. Houston’s offense is on point right now.  Chiefs are -5 and I expect them to cover.  This may look closer in the fourth quarter and get the Chiefs bettors to panic, but the Chiefs will find a way to cover.

Eagles go into Minneapolis for another tough road game.  Minnesota is sitting -3. I expect the Eagles to win this one pretty easily.

Rams-Niners in Los Angeles definitely has the feel of a big game.  Rams opened at -5, but it’s down to -3.5.  This is the weekend where the Niners fall to Earth as the Rams will win this one and cover.

Sunday night will produce a dud with Steelers-Chargers. Surprisingly, I like the Steelers at +7.  The Chargers are the most disappointing team of the year, so far.

And the other big game of the week is on Monday night when the Lions visit the Packers.  Packers are currently sitting at -4, but I have a weird feeling that the Lions win it outright.

I’m probably stupid on this one, but it feels right.

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