Fantasy Attack: Week 6

In the hunt or going hunting instead?

by Lead Fantasy writer  Steve Cook@SteveCook84 |

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It’s Week 6. How are your fantasy teams doing?

We’re rapidly approaching the point where you know which teams to pay attention to and which ones to scale back on. Unfortunately, that means I’m looking toward fantasy hockey & fantasy basketball season. But don’t worry, I’m still keeping an eye on things to help you good people win some yearly leagues & weekly Monkey Knife Fights and all that good stuff!

It’s what I’m here for. That, and the punch & pie.

Fave Five
Mark Ingram
: Who’s playing against the Bengals this week? Why, it would be the Baltimore Ravens, a team with a plethora of rushing options. It may be Lamar Jackson running all over them, and maybe the backup RBs get some run too, but I see Ingram getting more than enough chances to make some hay against a team that the 3PS staff could establish the run against.

DeAndre Hopkins: After a top-notch effort in Week 1, D-Hop has been pretty quiet during the last four games. He gets 7-8 targets, 5-7 catches and a mediocre number of yards. Owners that spent a first round pick on him haven’t been impressed, but I think things turn around here in Week 6. Kansas City’s defense has proven to be its Achilles’ heel thus far, and Hopkins, Will Fuller and the rest of Deshaun Watson’s weapons should be able to exploit it. Look for Hopkins to put up the type of numbers you were hoping for before the season started.

Chris Carson: Carson is coming off two weeks of more than one hundred yards & lines up against a Browns defense that Matt Bredia just scored another touchdown on. He gets some flack for his issues fumbling the football, but has been pretty solid the last two weeks. I think that continues for one more week before we see some possible issues against the Ravens in Week 7.

Derrick Henry: I’m still waiting for Henry to revert to the non-existent guy he was for the first couple of years of his career. It hasn’t happened yet in 2019, and it won’t happen this week against a Bronco team that’s been sixth-worst against the run this year. They did a pretty good job last week against San Diego, but the Chargers are still trying to figure out the arrangement between Melvin Gordon & Austin Ekeler. Tennessee knows that Henry is their bellcow.

Tyreek Hill: This one comes with a bit of a warning…Hill isn’t a sure thing to return from injury & play on Sunday. But the rumors are out there that Tyreek is reportedly ready to play, and if he is you absolutely have to put him in the lineup. It’s not like the Chiefs offense has struggled every game he’s missed, but the Colts game showed that Patrick Mahomes is actually part-human. Adding Hill back to the mix makes him less so, and the Texans are definitely a team that gives up the points.

Fearful Four
Todd Gurley: Gurley is getting touchdowns so far this season, which is great because his yardage & attempts aren’t what fantasy owners were hoping for. When he doesn’t find the end zone he’s pretty well useless, and I don’t see him finding the end zone against the San Francisco 49ers, who are back to always stopping the run. I remember Voodoo Penguin & I talking about San Fran always stopping the run several years ago. Good times.

Jameis Winston: Bruce Arians had Jameis humming along for a couple of weeks there, so much so that I put him in the Fave Five last week. Winston did decent enough in the Super Dome against New Orleans, but this week he’s going to London and playing a Panther team that shut him down pretty well in Week 2. I’m not a fan of the situation.

JuJu Smith-Schuster: JuJu hasn’t exactly filled Antonio Brown’s shoes in Pittsburgh this season, but it’s not like he’s really had the opportunity. Mason Rudolph’s play was pretty much what you’d expect, and this week he’s concussed so the Steelers will be running Devlin Hodges out there at quarterback against the Chargers. If there’s anything you can do to avoid this impending catastrophe, I would recommend doing so. At least JuJu owners can look forward to a Week 8 game versus Miami.

Phillip Lindsay: Lindsay has had two games where he’s gone over twenty fantasy points & is still the better option in the Bronco backfield over Royce Freeman. There is a “but” here, and the but is that he’s facing the Tennessee Titans this week, who have the seventh-best rushing defense in the league & seem to perform better on the road than at home. That’s good considering they lost a 14-7 game to the Bills in Game 5 that set the NFL back forty years.

Three Sleepers
DeVante Parker (9% owned in Yahoo leagues) : I know we would all prefer to have no stakes in the Washington/Miami pillowfight upcoming this weekend. But if you look at the waiver wire of any deep & competitive league…you’re left with Dolphins & Racial Slurs. That’s what we’re looking at here. Parker at least has shown some decent chemistry with Josh Rosen since Rosen got the QB1 slot, and he’s a Louisville guy so I keep hoping he’ll live up to his potential one of these years. Being a Dolphin doesn’t exactly help with that, but what can ya do.

Adrian Peterson (47%) : I expect Peterson to be over the 50% mark by the time this article gets posted. There’s a new sheriff in Washington, and Bill Callahan has let it be known that he didn’t think the old regime ran the ball enough. Probably because Jay Gruden crapped all over AP in a press conference just before Derrius Guice got hurt again. Whoever the quarterback ends up being will likely be handing the ball to AP early & often against the worst rushing defense in the NFL. If you can get him, go ahead and do that.

Rhett Ellison (0%) : The New York Giants offense is in shambles. They’re down to their third running back, their second quarterback, and who knows what number wide receiver. To make things even better, Evan Engram is highly questionable for Thursday night’s game against New England. As we know, the fantasy tight end position is in as poor shape as the Giants offense. Delanie Walker is still projected in the top 10 every week with a whopping 5 point projection and dude hasn’t done a thing of note since Week 1.

If you don’t have a tight end…well, Daniel Jones is going to have to try & throw it at one of his players, right?

This one goes out in memory of my grandma, who was never much of a football fan but it’s not like we can blame her for that. After all, she lived in the Greater Cincinnati area.

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