An Uneducated Take: Week 6

I’m not sure we’re learning anything

by Three Point Stance Contributor Zack Couch | @ZackCouch

Week 6 has come and gone.  Once again, I know nothing.  I went 2-4 on the picks this week and am now sitting 10-9 for the year… but what a week, right?  49ers come up huge, Pats stay undefeated, NFC East sucks, Refs fuck Lions. Let’s jump in.

Niners Did What???
The 49ers Defense put up another astounding performance, this time against the defending NFC Champion Rams.  After giving up a touchdown on a 56-yard opening drive, San Francisco’s D shut down Los Angeles for the rest of the way. The Rams only managed to get 101 yards during the rest of the game over the course of 10 drives.  During that time, the Rams went 0 for 9 on the third down and 0 for 4 on the fourth down.

Last week, I said the 49ers would fall to Earth and the Rams would break out of their slump. I never knew I could be so wrong.  I think a lot of it was me trying to not get too excited and trying my best not to be a biased Niners fan; however, this is a solid squad who now is the best team in the NFC.  The Quest for Six is on!

Chiefs Drop Two in a Row at Home?!
After going down 17-3 to the Chiefs in the first quarter, the Houston Texans unleashed hell in the second quarter by scoring three touchdowns to take the lead.  Sure, they fell behind again, but that didn’t stop the Texans from taking the lead in the fourth and proceeding to stop KC the rest of the way.

As far as KC is concerned, the time to start worrying is now.  After next week’s road game against the Broncos, they have Green Bay and Minnesota coming out to Arrowhead.  If they’re not careful, they could be looking at a 5-4 record and be in the middle of a dogfight with the Raiders for the AFC West crown.  Also, home field advantage through the playoffs would be lost as the Patriots would be marching along, business as usual.

The NFC East is Garbage
Yep, it really is.  In a week when Washington was the only team to get a win, it’s time to wonder if the division is even relevant.  Sure, each team is in a major sports media market, so you’re going to see more about them than others, but do we really need to?

I’m really hoping they can prove me wrong this week because I was looking forward to the Cowboys-Eagles game this weekend. At this point, I don’t know.

Quick Takes
New Orleans: If they are able to win games the way they are now, imagine what happens when Brees comes back.

Browns: How do you fuck that up at home?

Lamar Jackson: As great as you were Sunday, I feel like you all need to cut down on some of those field goals.  Especially against the Bengals.

Tampa Bay: There’s this great QB named Colin who would love to talk to you all.

Vikings: Kirk Cousins has 639 yards with 6 touchdowns and 1 interception after getting called out by Adam Thielen and having the possibility of Stefon Diggs wanting out.  Public shaming…works?

Atlanta Falcons: Over 6 games, this team has given up 186 points.  How does anyone still have a job in that organization?

New England Patriots: They average 31.66 points per game and give up 8 points per game. Is there any question of why they’re the best?

Shame of the Week
I don’t know how else to say it, but the Lions got fucked.  Good and proper.  Normally I would talk about the best game of the week, but after what happened Monday night in Green Bay it’s hard not to focus on anything but the hands to the face calls.

Both calls were during crucial moments in the game.  The first happened when Detroit was leading 22-13 and had seemingly sacked Rodgers. This was a huge moment!  Green Bay was stopped on a third down, facing fourth and 21, down by nine with 10 minutes left to play, only to have it negated due to Trey Flowers putting his hands in David Bakhtiari’s chest while Bakhtiari had a handful of Flowers’ facemask.  Seriously, this was one of the worst calls I have seen this season.

It wouldn’t be this egregious if it didn’t happen again.

With a minute and 45 seconds left in the game, Green Bay has third and 4. Detroit is out of time outs. Rodgers goes back to pass and throws incomplete, but once again, Flowers is called for illegal hands to the face when his hands were in Bakhtiari’s chest.  Now Green Bay would have kicked a field goal to take the lead if there was no call, leaving Stafford and the Lions with about 90 seconds and no timeouts to get Matt Prater in position to kick a game winner, but no! Green Bay is able to run out the clock, kick the game winner as time expired, allowing Mason Crosby to get a Lambeau Lift.

This was the most disgusting thing I have seen all season. I would rather have Vontaze Burfict out there playing like an asshole than have to see these refs pull this shit.  And because of how tight things are in the standings in the NFC North, this dropped Detroit to last place… but they would have been in first if they had won.  Fucking ridiculous.

Look Ahead…
Baltimore travels out to Seattle for a game in which both teams are trying to stay atop their respective divisions.  The Line is currently Seattle -3.5 and I like the Ravens in this one.

Saints head up to the Windy City to take on the Bears at Soldier Field with Chicago sitting at -3.  Over/Under is at 38.5.  I expect the Saints and I would take the under in what will be a very low scoring game.

Showdown in the AFC South as Houston goes to Indy.  The line opened with Indianapolis -2.5 but it’s down to -1.  I expect it to be a pick ‘em game by Sunday and I think Indy covers the -1.

And that leaves us with the Sunday Night NFC East battle between the Cowboys and Eagles.  I’m fairly certain it will be a good show.  It’ll be entertaining, nonetheless.  The line is Cowboys -3 and I fully expect the Cowboys to cover and end their slide in front of their crowd at Jerry World.

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