Knee Jerk Tuesdays

Almost everyone escaped the mayhem

by Three Point Stance Managing Editor Brandon Rush | @BrandonRush |

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I keep looking at the schedule wondering when the “Mayhem Week” is going to fall, got a little bit of that this week, but there was so much left on the table. There is one on the horizon, I just hope its not this weekend. I am traveling home for a football/milestone birthday weekend, and I don’t want it soiled with fuckery.


Well, so much for that fun Thursday Night NFL run… Those Patriots jersey are awful…

I thought Oregon was broken, then they go throttle Colorado. Should have known when I saw they were going FULL HIGHLIGHTER uniforms that whoopin was coming…

Bama, sloppy but wins… Clemson, sloppy but wins… Wisconsin, steamrolling everyone in their path. Curious to see what happens when they play someone that can punch back… Penn State, your reckoning is coming…. Notre Dame, sloppy but wins… Oklahoma and Texas were flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct before the game started, THE ENTIRE TEAM. Honestly, I felt as if it allowed the game to unfold quicker. Traditionally, the first 5-7 minutes you are playing “the rivalry” not the game, it got those nerves and juice aside, and just let the X’s and O’s go. If OU doesn’t turn the ball over twice in the red zone, the north end of the Cotton Bowl evacuates at halftime… Arizona State continues to prove me wrong… Tennessee didn’t self implode. Progress… Minnesota is undefeated, and aside from my co-host Jeff Lyons, NO ONE seems to be talking about it. Row the damned boat!… Louisville and Wake Forest played a damn basketball game. 62-59. When these two schools meet on the hardwood in February, does either team break 62?… LSU took Florida’s best shot and survived. I fully expect the Gators to fall apart now… Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh UGA. Did you let Mark Richt back in the building? Lose a game they shouldn’t. Every. Damn. Year.

Kyle Allen is going to force some team to do something dumb in the next 6 months. Either the Panthers send Cam on his way, or a team gives the Panthers a few acres of farmland for a guy who had a good run… One more toughy for the Browns, then the winning streak begins. The schedule is SIGNIFICANTLY easier after New England next Sunday… Are the Chiefs broken? It seems as if they blueprint is out… LOVE that the Dolphins went for two and the win late against Washington. Horrific play call, but the idea to go for two was good… How long until Mike Zimmer puts the Kirk Cousins genie back in the bottle?… 49ers are legit. Three more winnable games and a mini-bye before Seattle comes to town… Hopefully Dan Quinn and Mike Vrabel know good realtors… the camera shot of Dallas Cowboys players coming off the field and NONE of them dapping up or high fiving Jason Garrett is all you need to know… Arizona has more wins than Cleveland… The Chargers window closed, but Philip Rivers is determined to try to throw an interception thru it…

Look, we all know the officiating in the NFL is bad. This is nothing new. This new replay rule is not helping matters, but at this point its ALMOST as if they know they are untouchable and just DGAF. Asbestos might have a higher approval rating. That said, no one felt good after Monday night. Even when the Packers could have scored and covered late in that game and ended up taking a knee, everyone knew why and was okay with it because it was the right play and the only way the refs couldn’t screw it up. Curious why Detroit stopped throwing the ball downfield though…

Helmet Stickers
Navy QB Malcolm Perry – 218 yards rushing and three scores in a blowout win at Tulsa. Salute.

Wake Forest WR Sage Surratt – 12 grabs for 196 and three scores in a track meet loss.

Oklahoma  WR CeeDee Lamb – 171 yards and three touchdowns. Also, he scored on this play…

Cardinals QB Kyler Murray – 340 yards passing and three TDs.

Jets QB Sam Darnold – 338 yards passing and two scores, maybe he should get mono more often?

Ravens QB Lamar Jackson – 152 yards RUSHING.

Vikings WR Stefon Diggs – 167 yards and three scores. Imagine if he, Thielen, Rudolph, and Cook had a good QB?!?

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