An Uneducated Take: Week 9

Learning like whoa!

by Three Point Stance Contributor Zack Couch | @ZackCouch

Week 8 is over and we’re almost at the halfway point (I view the halfway point is when every team has played 8 games). I went 3-1 this past week (my loss being that Browns pick), which brings my overall record for this season to 17-11.  There’s a lot to unpack after this weekend, so let’s get to it.

Are the Browns Done?
I honestly thought the Browns would come out with a good performance against the Pats.  I know, it is incredibly wishful thinking that they would be able to challenge them, yet they are the only team who has had three successful scoring drives against the Pats this season.  A little food for thought on that one.

Now, can we write the Browns off?  Not just yet. They were only 2-2 before walking into a hell march of San Francisco, Seattle, and New England, but things are going to start picking up for them as their final 9 games are all winnable for them.  

Week 9: at Broncos
Week 10: vs Bills
Week 11: vs Steelers
Week 12: vs Dolphins
Week 13: at Steelers
Week 14: vs Bengals
Week 15: at Cardinals
Week 16: vs Ravens
Week 17: at Bengals

Like I said, these are all winnable games.  Do not be surprised if this team makes a run and sneaks into the Playoffs at 10-6 or even 11-5.

Jacoby Brissett and the Play of the Week
Down 2 points with a minute and 48 seconds left, Jacoby Brissett calls for the snap from his own 11.  He backs up, amazingly escapes Von Miller (for what should have been a guaranteed sack in the end zone for a safety), runs to his right, and fires a pass with laser precision 35 yards down the field to hit Hilton on the sideline for the toe tap and out of bounds. I might just be forgetting other things I have seen already because this is new and shiny, but that may be the play of the year so far. Six plays later, the Colts kick the game winning field goal to move to 5-2 on the year. 

This was a great win for the Colts as it kept them a half game ahead of Houston and a game and a half ahead of Jacksonville and Tennessee.  That’s right.  Only a game and half a separates first from last in the AFC South and each team has four more division games to play.  This is going to be an exciting race to the top of this division.  Also, AFC South was the only division that saw no losers in Week 8. (NFC North and West were close with 3 wins each).

Quick Takes
Cooper Kupp: Great performance.  Please do that against a team that has won a game this season and I’ll be impressed.

Eagles-Bills: Doesn’t hurt the Bills that badly, but tremendously helps the Eagles. Just when you think they might be done, they go and beat a division leader.
Chicago Bears: Pineiro went 3 for 5 this weekend with his longest made field goal being 25 yards, while Cody Parkey went 2 for 2 for the and nailed a 51 yarder for the Titans.  Hmmmm…
New Orleans Saints: It’s like Teddy never played, but hopefully none of us will forget him; I feel he has solidified himself as the heir apparent. 

Green Bay Packers: You only won by 7 against a team led by Matt Moore?  Also, 5 sacks on Rodgers?  I’m scared to think what the Pats or Niners would do to their offensive line.

49ers: Ummmm…I believe it is okay to start believing that this team is one of the best in football. They are dominating opponents and are doing it despite having a passing attack that is ranked 24th in the league.

Bucs-Titans: Very exciting game, but the refs missing that fumble by the Titans in the 4th quarter is inexcusable. Poor Bruce Arians.  He is 12 points away from a 5-2 record, but instead is 2-5.

Bengals: You really think benching Andy Dalton is going to start getting you wins?

Look Ahead…
Thursday’s game between the Cardinals and 49ers may be a better game than expected.  San Francisco is sitting -10 and I think the Cardinals will cover.

The following games all matchup teams in must win situations to keep pace in divisional standings.

Texans-Jags: Line sits at Houston -1.5 and the Texans will cover.

Vikings-Chiefs: Opened as Kansas City being a 3.5 point favorite and now the Chiefs are 2 point underdog  The Vikings will cover this one.
Titans-Panthers: Carolina is sitting at -4 and the Titans will cover this.
Bears-Eagles: Philly is a 5 point favorite and should cover quite easily.
Lions-Raiders: This opened as a pick ‘em but the line has move to Oakland now being -2.  The Raiders should cover.

Shocker Pick of the week: Seattle is sitting at -6 against the Bucs.  Not only will the Bucs cover, they will win this outright.

Game of the Week matchup: Sunday night’s game should live up to expectations between the Pats and Ravens.  The line opened as New England -6.5 and has moved -3.5 for them.  Belichick’s defenses in the past have had issues with mobile quarterbacks in the past and this should continue. The Pats defense has been playing lights out all season and eventually it gonna break.  I see Baltimore winning this outright.

So there you are, 8 picks this week.  I’m doomed!

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