Fantasy Attack: Week 10

You are either in, or you’re out

by Lead Fantasy writer  Steve Cook@SteveCook84 |

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It’s Week 10! How are your fantasy teams doing?

Well, you have to know by now. You’re either in a playoff race or you’re not. So let’s cut right through the nonsense and get to the recommendations.

Fave Five
Kyler Murray: I made sure to keep Kyler on my bench last week. A Thursday night game? Against the 49ers? I wanted no part of any of that nonsense. Wouldn’t you know it, Murray had a more than respectable 27 point showing on a Thursday against one of the best defenses in the NFL. After two weeks of doing absolutely nothing! Like, how am I, or anybody else, supposed to predict this stuff? All I can say for sure is that I really like Kyler’s matchup this week against Tampa, so roll with it.

Tyreek Hill: Matt Moore did all right this past Sunday, largely due to Tyreek doing his thing. Dude made some big plays on the Vikings secondary and was a big part of the Chiefs coming out victorious. Tennessee’s had a solid defense all season, but will be missing Malcolm Butler due to a wrist injury this week. Don’t worry about that matchup, or who will be throwing the ball in Hill’s general direction.

Julio Jones: Speaking of guys that can do well with any quarterback you put with them. Jones had 56 year old Matt Schaub throwing the ball to him back in Week 8 and had one of his best games of the season. A bye week should help refresh the Falcons and they’re heading to New Orleans for a big game with the Saints. Jones traditionally lights it up against New Orleans, and he should do so this week whichever Matt is starting at quarterback.

David Montgomery: As soon as I rejected the idea of trading for a guy the Bears refused to use for the first half of the season, I knew what would happen. They would finally use him. If I had taken him, they would still have trotted Tarik Cohen out there for no reason. This is my fantasy luck this season. This guy should thank me for not trading for him, as I would have tanked his season. He should do fine against the hapless Lions defense.

Kareem Hunt: This is the first week he is available for the Browns. We’ve seen teams ease people into the offense in the past. In this case, I don’t think the Browns can afford to ease Hunt into the offense. They need him to contribute right here & right now. If you’ve been holding on to this guy all this time, go ahead and put him in the lineup without fear.

Fearful Four
Kirk Cousins: Cousins was able to have a good fantasy day on Sunday with three touchdowns, but completing 50% of your passes is unacceptable from a starting quarterback in 2019. Just not good. This week Kissin’ Kurt & the Vikings head to Dallas to take on the Cowboys. The Cowboys are fifth-best against quarterbacks this season, and the coaches there have seen more than enough of Cousins over the years in order to form a game plan. Don’t expect much.

Chris Carson: My good friend the Voodoo Penguin, who is much better at fantasy football than I, used to talk about the Adrian Peterson fumble counter. These days, it’s the Chris Carson fumble counter. Dude gives the ball up pretty often. It’s not a great situation, and I don’t think it gets better against San Francisco.

Detroit Running Backs: Kerryon Johnson was pretty good. The rest of the guys the Lions have under contract? Not so much. And they’re going against the Bears? Don’t even try to worry about that nonsense. Stay away.

Evan Engram: We’re told the man has a sore foot, which isn’t a great sign considering he only got 48 yards against the Cowboys. I don’t see him getting much more against the Jets, but then again I have no idea what to expect from the Jets or Giants in that game. You probably have to start him because LOL TE, but if you have something else productive it’s worth looking at.

Three Sleepers
Zach Pascal (22% Yahoo-owned): 76 yards and a touchdown last week against the Steelers. He’s going against the Dolphins this week. He’ll probably be over 50% by the time you read this. I’m just throwing it out there. Maybe Brian Hoyer likes the guy.

Gus Edwards (4% Yahoo-owned): He’s a running back playing against the Bengals. Sure, he’s behind Mark Ingram on the depth chart, and Lamar Jackson will get his fair share of the rushing yards. I’m just thinking there will be enough to go around for Gus to get at least a touchdown at some point.

Demaryius Thomas (12% Yahoo-owned): This will be the game that decides this fella’s career going forward. He hasn’t done a whole heck of a lot this season. He’s got an easy matchup with the Giants here. Can he take advantage? If he can’t, it doesn’t look good for him going forward. Talk about a motivating factor.

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