Knee Jerk Tuesdays

Whats your plan?

by Three Point Stance Managing Editor Brandon Rush | @BrandonRush |

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It is that time of year when you are solidifying plans for trips to conference championship games or realizing how much Thanksgiving is going to suck because your team lost to its rival and now you have to hear about it from your brother-in-law who knows nothing about football.

Lucky for me, my team still has an inside track to the CCG and we don’t play our rival until after Thanksgiving, so I at least have that going for me.

We are now under 20 days until bowl bids are handed out. Football Festivus is coming, plan accordingly.

Myles Garrett’s helmet swing honestly feels like it was a month ago already. By Saturday night I was tired of the memes. Lost in the mayhem of the final 8 seconds of the game was Baker and the Browns improved offensive performance against a vastly improved defense…

That suspension came quick. I would have given Myles the rest of 2019 plus a substantial fine, Mason one game and a hefty fine, and about 6 other dudes the scheduled fines minimums. The one dude who shouldn’t have to pay is Maurkice Pouncey. If I was on that roster I am passing the hat to make sure that he doesn’t lose a penny for his part in the ordeal. Those were the actions of a true teammate…

LSU had a bit of the “Bama Hangover” but Ole Miss is garbage yet again so it didn’t matter… Ohio State is sleepwalking to Indianapolis and the Big Ten Title game. They are going to punish Michigan next week… Clemson, playing mad. Scary proposition, but the next opponent they play that’s worth a damn will be the first… Georgia looked competent, until they didn’t… Bama shouldn’t have played Tua knowing full damn well he was not 100%, but style points matter and now he’s done. Imagine being one of the NFL franchises that are openly “Tanking for Tua”, what is Plan B?… Oregon is a buzzsaw, but that Pac 12 title game against Utah is going to be a war… Minnesota, hungover… Penn State is not a top 10 team… Oklahoma fans were thinking about benching Jalen Hurts before the largest comeback in school history… Michigan is giving their fanbase a glimmer of hope before they get their teeth kicked in next weekend… Ooooooohhhhhh Texas… I pity to team that gets Appalachian State in their bowl game. Same goes for Memphis. They are going to beat Power 5 schools in December (or January) and someone is gonna get fired… Virginia Tech is good again, or is Georgia Tech just awful?.. Louisville is bowl eligible with a bunch of ragtag try hards. Bobby Petrino owes that university about an 80% refund for his second stint with the Cards…

Dallas is giving their fans a glimmer of hope, only to have their hearts broken by a disappointing playoff loss… Indianapolis is not a team I would want to face in the playoffs… Minnesota, hungover, puked and rallied… A healthy Alvin Kamara makes the Saints a contender… Atlanta is undefeated since their Bye week. Maybe they should petition the league to start 2020 on a bye… I am not surprised Baltimore won. I am not surprised a Bill O’Brien coached team laid an egg in a big spot. I am surprised at the margin of victory… Arizona is going to be a problem if they can upgrade the offensive line and find some more skill players… Guys, I am thinking Cincinnati might not win a game… New England’s window closed, but Tom Brady keeps propping the thing open. First team to pressure Brady in the playoffs are going to dethrone the king… Mitchel Trubisky is not hurt. At least not physically…

Kansas City needs to get healthy. Patrick Mahommes can only carry them so far, but that defense is a liability… Phillip Rivers is washed up. I would take Brett Favre, Matt Hasselbeck, Tony Romo, or Eli Manning over Rivers at this point…

Helmet Stickers
Troy QB Kaleb Barker – 363 yards passing and 6TDs in the Trojans 63-27 win over Texas State. Let’s get him a Senior Bowl invite

Mississippi QB John Rhys Plumlee – Ran for 212 yards and four TDs in the loss to LSU.

LSU WR Ja’Marr Chase – 227 yards on 8 catches and three scores.

ESPN College Gameday – Kirk Herbstreit is the franchise, but Pat McAfee has been the shot in the arm the show needed.

49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo – Flexed on a bad D, but a career high 424 yards and 4 TDs is solid.

Colts RBs Jonathan Williams and Marlon Mack – 116 and 109 yards rushing respectively against a good defense. Colts have their work cut out for them in the division, but if they get healthy can you imagine Quenton Nelson’s post season TD celebrations?

Ravens RB Mark Ingram – Two touchdown catches in the blowout win, but being Lamar Jackson’s hype man is a full time job.


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