Knee Jerk Tuesdays

This weekend was supposed to be chill

by Three Point Stance Managing Editor Brandon Rush | @BrandonRush |

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It was a calm before the storm weekend in college football, but the weekend wasn’t without some lightning strikes.

A pair of Top 10 teams lost knocking themselves out of the College Football Playoff conversation, a coach might have won enough to save his job even though everyone wants him fired, and a reunion that seemed destined has fallen by the wayside.

We were guaranteed our 6th consecutive week of a Top 10 team taking an L when Ohio State and Penn State faced off Saturday in Columbus. The fact that the Nittany Lions lost did not take me by surprise, they actually fared a bit better than I anticipated, but were unable to get the Buckeyes in the ultimate “trap game” spot.

Oregon on the other hand, ouch. The table was set for a winner take all matchup against Utah next weekend in the Pac-12 title game with the victor likely making the playoffs, but the Ducks chances flew south for the winter a few weeks early.

Greg Schiano was THIS close to becoming the Tennessee head coach last year before the internet got maaaaad, then this week was even closer to returning to Rutgers before the University refused to guarantee new facilities and other improvements that Schiano had requested on top of a four million per year salary.

Rutgers played in the first ever college football game 150 years ago, Schiano put them on the map more recently going 68-67 from 2001-11, but with Rutgers unwilling to pay to keep themselves relevant, they might as well go back to playing Bucknell, Lehigh, and Holy Cross and evict themselves from the Big Ten.

Onto the NFL where its obvious to everyone but Jerry Jones that Jason Garrett is about three seasons past his expiration date.

You would think that a Princeton degree would tell you that trailing 13-6 with just over six minutes left, facing a 4th & 7 from the New England 11-yard line, that kicking a field goal is not the right play. You need a touchdown to tie the game.

I honestly think Garrett believed they were only down six, and that a pair of field goals was going to be enough to force overtime. That’s the only logical explanation I can come up with.

In other NFC East disaster material, you always hear people say that you should “act like you have been there before”, but what if you never have “been there before?”

What if your team is so obnoxiously dysfunctional that you cannot handle success?

How do you know when your team is an utter disaster?

When you finally win a game, and the team must put in the backup quarterback to take a snap out of the victory formation. Not because the starter got hurt, not because the starter has fumbling issues when taking the snap from under center, not even because the starter has never practiced how to do it. But because the starting quarterback was off taking selfies with the home fans on the sidelines.

Congratulations Washington. Even when you win you embarrass yourself.

As much of a dud as Lamar vs Deshaun was, Houston was able to rebound a bit. I know I’ve said and typed this before, but if the Colts get healthy, look out…

Wyoming outlasted Colorado State in seven degree weather to win the Bronze Boot…

Ohio State had a period where they looked human for the first time in 2019. Avoided the trap game, now gets to concentrate on kicking the snot out of Captain Khaki and Michigan… While Georgia keeps winning, you cannot tell me with a straight face they are the 4th best team in the country. LSU is gonna hang 40 on them in Atlanta next weekend… Oklahoma cardiologist have to be making BANK this month… Ooooooooooh, Texas. Curious to see Tom Herman’s record when he headbutts his own players (while not wearing a helmet)… Kansas tried to give Iowa State all they had… Where was THAT Notre Dame performance against Michigan?… Utah State laid an egg in a spot I was determined they would thrive in, but Boise is just a good squad… Everyone keeps wanting USC to fire Clay Helton. Sure he hasn’t had a stunning start. Sure he has the personality of a paper grocery bag. But he’s gone 8-4 with a third string QB. Should he get an extension, lord no. Should he be fired? Only if you are certain Urban Meyer is going to win 22 of the next 25 and put you in the playoff by 2022… Ooooooooooooooh, Miami. Bruh….

Here come the Browns. Just in time for OBJ to ruin it in December… Carolina, tough team… Raiders. Everyone is allowed a Clunker… Eagles. Toast… Derrick Henry beats the Jaguars like they owe him money… With that defense, a healthy Jimmy G, a plethora of role players, and The People Tight End George Kittle, I am starting to be a believer…

The Rams are broken. Jared Goff has regressed and as talented as Sean McVay is, I don’t know if even he can save him… Lamar Jackson is SHREDDING defenses, but he’s still not the MVP. He is damn close, but I can’t give it just yet…

Helmet Stickers
Tennessee QB Jarrett Guarantano – Has been killed by Vols fans for a while, but 415 passing yards in a road win might silence the critics for a bit.

Louisville RB Javian Hawkins – 223 yards rushing in a blowout win over Syracuse. Another Florida kid that has found a home in The Ville, this Freshman has quietly had a stellar year.

Michigan WR Nico Collins – 165 receiving yards and three scores in a road win at Indiana.

Bills RB Frank Gore – Moved into third on the all-time rushing yards list and has a legit shot at #2 if he plays next season.

Ravens QB Lamar Jackson – 5 TDs. Dude is gonna run out of space for stickers as this season rolls along.

Buccaneers WR Chris Godwin – First 100+ yard receiving day since Week 6, torched the Falcons for 184 and two scores.

Winnipeg Blue Bombers – Took home the Grey Cup for the first time in nearly 30 years, then broke the trophy en route back to Winnipeg. I don’t know what a Blue Bomber is, but for 2019, they are champions.

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