Fantasy Attack: Week 13

Close to playoffs, I guess….

by Lead Fantasy writer  Steve Cook@SteveCook84 |

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It’s Week 13. How are your fantasy teams doing?

Most of mine have gotten a little bit better recently. They’re in playoff contention, whatever that means. The team I have in a league I do a podcast about isn’t any better, and people want me to keep being in that league because they wish me bad mental health. Friends that want you to keep being a punching bag…are they really friends? Eh.

Let’s not dwell on that. Let’s talk about the obvious Fantasy Football MVP so far this season: Lamar Jackson. I watched the man do completely crazy stuff at the University of Lousiville, and wasn’t sure it would translate to the NFL. We’ve seen some athletic QBs do some things at the college level and it didn’t translate. As it turns out, Lamar is more athletic than any of those guys that tried to do some things at the NFL level. I thought he was while watching him at Louisville, but you’re never really sure until he gets to the big leagues and does the same thing.

Of course, this week he goes against the best defense in the NFL. If anybody’s got anything for him, it’s the San Francisco defense. Gonna be a hell of a thing to watch this Sunday. The obvious question for fantasy owners that were lucky enough to draft Lamar…do you stick with him?

You start your studs. Especially this time of the season. This is no time to get cute if you’ve been lucky enough to have a top performer on your team all year. Ride with Lamar. Maybe he doesn’t get as many points as usual…but maybe he does. If anybody has an answer it might be SF, but we don’t know that for sure. If we bowed to this logic, we all would have benched him against New England. He did pretty well against them. Sometimes you need to go against logic, and if you have Lamar Jackson on your fantasy team this year, this seems like the time to do that.

I only wish I had picked him on all my teams this year. I’d be in much better shape. Most of my teams have come around lately and are kind of in playoff contention but not really. Hopefully yours are doing better. Here’s some recommendations for this week!

Fave 5
Carson Wentz
: We’ve been beating Wentz up in this column all year, and for good reason. He’s been largely disappointing thus far. Not completely his fault, he’s had some injury issues in his WR corps & offensive line, not to mention the typical injury stuff he deals with. It’s been a rough stretch. The good news? He plays the Miami Dolphins this week! Lock him in, fellas. Wentz & the Eagles get right this week, just in time for a pretty soft NFC East-loaded schedule to end the season.

Michael Thomas: I try to stay away from easy picks in this column, but let’s be real. The only part of the Saints offense that worked back in Week 10 was Michael Thomas. On Thanksgiving Night the Saints are going to be looking for blood in the ATL, and the best way to get it is through Thomas being fed the ball and doing his thing. I’m sure it’ll be an expensive proposition on the DFS sites. I’m also sure it’ll be worth it.

Christian McCaffrey: While we’re covering obvious choices, everybody that drafted CMC in their yearly drafts has to be pretty thankful at this point. Except for Week 2, he’s gone over double digits every single time, usually by a pretty wide margin. He will likely be the consensus #1 pick next season, and this week’s matchup against Washington will do nothing to disprove that theory.

Travis Kelce: Hell with it. Let’s go with all the easy choices this week, mostly because they have easy matchups. The Raiders are ultra-weak against tight ends, and they’re going against a team with the best TE in the league. You think Andy Reid won’t try to exploit that? If you’re an Eagles fan maybe you do, but us in the real world know otherwise. It’s going to be a big week for the studs across the map.

Philadelphia DEF: They have Miami this week, so that’s obviously a win. Then they have the Giants, then Washington, then a Dallas team that looked real impressive this week, then the Giants again. If you’re looking for a DEF for the playoff push, this feels like the team to me.

Fearful 4
Deshaun Watson
: It’s tempting to roll with Watson no matter the matchup, but this week the Texans host the New England Patriots. The only QB the Pats have given up more than 15 points to is Lamar Jackson, and that shouldn’t really count against them. I assume you don’t have a better option than Watson if you’re in a league, so you’re probably screwed there, but for DFS purposes I would stay far far away.

Amari Cooper: There’s no way you can trust this man on a short week against a Bills defense that’s third-best against wide receivers this season. I’m stuck trusting him in a couple of leagues, but I have zero expectations for it. If you’re actually in playoff contention, or if you’re just trying to win the week, there’s no way you should be looking at Cooper. Number 1 cornerbacks have his number right now.

Chris Carson: That Seahawks vs. Vikings game seems like a low-scoring struggle to me. Add in Carson’s tendency to let go of the football against a team that’s good at getting turnovers, and this is a guy I don’t want any stock in this week.

Anybody in the Bears vs. Lions game: Seriously. Is there anybody in that game you’ve got any amount of confidence in? If you’re a Bears or Lions fan, you definitely don’t. It’s tempting to start a fantasy guy or two in the early Thanksgiving game so you’ve got a reason to watch it, but I just don’t see it ending well for anybody. MITCHELL TRUBISKY! JEFF DRISKEL! THE NFL ON FOX! The best thing I can suggest is taking the under.

3 Sleepers
Nick Foles
(33% owned in Yahoo leagues): Yeah, the Jags just got their rear ends handed to them in Nashville. But it’s a new week and they get to host the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who don’t seem to be capable of stopping anybody from scoring. If you’re in a pinch or looking for something others will overlook…hold on, who has ever overlooked Big Dick Nick? Forget I said that.

Mecole Hardman (28% Yahoo-owned): Hardman was a popular target for fantasy players in the preseason back when we thought the NFL might actually punish Tyreek Hill severely for some reason. Not sure what we were thinking there, but Hardman has still managed to be somewhat of a presence in the Chiefs offense for most of the season. He’s a big-play guy, so it’s definitely feast or famine with him, but should Hill’s injury be worse than the Chiefs are letting on, you definitely want him in your lineup down the stretch. A man with his ability catching a ball from Patrick Mahomes? Sounds good to me.

Cincinnati DEF (1% Yahoo-owned): Take a look at this schedule. You got the Jets this week, then Cleveland, then New England, then Miami. Do any of those offenses strike fear in your heart? I’M JUST SAYING.

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