An Uneducated Take: Week 15


by Three Point Stance Contributor Zack Couch | @ZackCouch

Fourteen weeks down and three to go.  We’re in the thick of December football in the NFL and the playoff landscape has shifted again after an impactful Week 14.  I had my best week of the year going 6-1 bringing my record to 38-27.  Let’s dive in.

Saints-Niners put up 94 points?!?!
Going into this game, the Saints averaged giving up 20 points per game and the Niners averaged 15.  So, how do you explain both teams giving up 45+ points each.  Off days for both defenses?  Great QB play?  Amazing coaching?  Whatever you want to call it, everybody seems to be anointing this with Game of the Year honors.

I’m sure I could dissect this game to death, but it seems that has been done nearly a million times since this past Sunday so I just have a few takeaways from this game.

  1. George Kittle secured his spot as a first team All-Pro and some may be able to argue, put himself in line for MVP considerations.  That 4th and 2 play will go down as one of the greatest plays of the year as it netted a total of 53 yards.
  2. While Sean Payton may be mad about the officials due to the missed defensive holding call on the fake punt, the 49ers were the more heavily penalized team in this one.
  3. San Francisco now has the tiebreaker over Green Bay and New Orleans.  Green Bay currently has the tiebreaker over New Orleans.  New Orleans has the tiebreaker over Seattle.  Seattle currently has the tiebreaker over San Francisco and Green Bay. Don’t worry, there’s a Pepe Silvia board that explains everything…

New England Has Fallen
Is Tom Brady actually regressing right before our eyes?  Are the comparisons to 2015 Peyton Manning fair?  Is the Spice Melange real?  Did Belichick really get that animated over a first down?  Are the refs finally against the Patriots?  Will the questions end?

New England is now the weakest link of the division leaders in the AFC.  Their offense needs help in the worst way and I’m not seeing it happen and are seriously in danger of losing the division to the Bills, and if they do lose the division, this will be the first time since 1999 that the Patriots will be a Wild Card team.

Lamar Will Win the MVP
There are no longer any doubts to this.  The Ravens are two wins away from locking up the #1 seed in the AFC.  Lamar only needs 23 rushing yards to take Vick’s rushing record. He’s responsible for 35 touchdowns this year. There’s not much more he needs to do.  This is the best thing that couple happen for the NFL with us being in the last seasons of Brady, Brees, and Big Ben.  We now have new young QBs who are taking the elite status that will carry the league moving forward.

Quick Takes
Ryan Tannehill – Is he really about to steal the Comeback Player of the Year award?  He’s got Tennessee in prime position to win the AFC South after Houston fell apart against the Broncos.

Eli Manning – Welcome back, Eli!!  But the Giants still lost.

Packers – You only won by 5 at home against Washington?!?!

Jason Sanders – After that crazy play last week, and coming back this week to go 7/8 on Field Goals!  Wow, damn shame it was in a losing effort.

Colts – This is what a free fall looks like.  Just try to look good while doing it.

Rams – Where has this team been all season?

Bills – Don’t be discouraged.  You can still win the division.

Browns – While the playoffs are out of the question, finishing above .500 seems like a worthwhile goal.

Bengals – Please don’t ruin some poor young QB’s career by drafting them #1.  Please for the love of God, don’t do it.

Look Ahead
While these last few weeks have had a decent amount of games with playoff implications, we’re only down to 3 this week and peculiar matchup between Heisman winning QBs who played for the same team.

Texans-Titans meet in the first of two matchups over the final three weeks and I like Tennessee -3.0.

Rams-Cowboys in another important game.  Cowboys need the win to stay ahead of the Eagles, while Rams need the win to stay alive in the Wild Card chase.  They have let me down the last few weeks, but with Dallas’ back against the wall, they find a way to win this one.  I like Dallas +1.0.

The Buffalo Bills head to Pittsburgh for the Sunday night matchup.  I like the Bills on the money line as the spread currently sits Pittsburgh -2.0.

And last, and certainly least when it comes to the lack of playoff implications.  Cleveland heads out west to face the Cardinals in a matchup of former Oklahoma Heisman winning QBs.  I expect a fun game out of this one.  O/U is 48 (with some as low as 47) and I’m taking the over.

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