An Uneducated Take: Week 16

Almost there!

by Three Point Stance Contributor Zack Couch | @ZackCouch

Only two more weeks to go in the regular season and we are no closer to getting out of confusion of what the NFC Playoffs are going to look like. I was a little light on picks this past week but came out ahead with a 3-1, bringing the season record to 41-28.  That’s right, I am going to finish above .500! As far as the action for this week, there’s not a whole lot to cover except for the playoff races, so let’s get at it.

NFC Playoff-Pepe Silvia!
The Niners loss to Atlanta opened up the NFC to more confusion with Seattle back in the 1 seed after a dominating performance over the Colts.  Packers won, Saints won.  So, we now sit with four teams at 11-3.

We went over the tiebreakers last week, but let’s just do a refresher on each team’s chances.

Seattle Seahawks: Current atop the NFC in a three way tiebreaker over Green Bay and New Orleans. To clinch the conference, they need to win out and need New Orleans to lose a game or Green Bay to win out also.

Green Bay Packers: Sitting in the 2 spot due to a tiebreaker over the Saints due to best win percentage. If they win out, they will get the first round bye but cannot get the number 1 seed without the Seahawks losing in Week 16.

New Orleans Saints: Currently looking at the 3 spot, but they do have a tiebreaker on the Seahawks due to a head to head win earlier in the year. So, it Green Bay loses in either Week 16 or 17, they are looking at the top seed, unless…

San Francisco 49ers: Currently on the 5th spot, but still holds tiebreakers over Green Bay and New Orleans. If they win in Week 16, and beat Seattle in Week 17, the Niners will take home field advantage through the playoffs.

Dallas Cowboys: All they have to do is win against the Eagles this week.

Philadelphia Eagles: If they win their next two games, they’re in. However, they could win this week and lose to the Giants in Week 17 and not make it in if Dallas beats Washington.

Los Angeles Rams: The defending NFC champs have less than a 1% chance of making the playoffs.  They have to win on the road in San Francisco in Week 16 and win in Week 17, and they also need Minnesota to lose their last two games.  That happens, they are in.

You see, that wasn’t that crazy, now was it?

AFC Playoff Certainties
There’s not a whole lot of ambiguity in this conference. Baltimore wins one more game, they have home field advantage. However, if they lose their final 2 games, and KC wins out, KC will host the playoffs.

In regards to New England, if they can win their final two games, that insures them a first round bye.  However, if they lose any game in the next two weeks, this will drop them to the 3rd seed, and potentially a 5th seed if Buffalo wins out and New England loses their last two games.

Now, the wild card race still has some excitement to it.  Buffalo has clinched so they are just playing for a better seed. Pittsburgh and Tennessee are still in a fight for the 6th spot. At this moment, it looks like the Steelers should be able to lock this up as long as they beat the Jets and the Titans lose to the Saints as everyone expects them to.

Much more simple than the NFC.

Quick Takes
New England Patriots: “The damage is done, my friend.”  Wow, was that tape awful?

Josh Gordon: I can’t make a joke here.  This is just sad.

Pro Bowl: Nick Bosa was definitely good this year, but how did he get in over Buckner or Armstead?

Marcus Peters: So, it’s okay for Philip Rivers to gloat and yell in an opponent’s ear, but you’re gonna fine a dude for chugging a beer with fans in celebration of a 4th down stop to seal the game?

AJ Green: I’ve always enjoyed him and it’s a damn shame that he won’t finish his career with the Bengals.

Oakland Raiders: How do you lose that game?  

Drew Brees: He now holds the record for yardage, TD passes, and passes completed. Just phenomenal. 

Bengals: With two games to go, it appears they have a lock on the #1 pick.  For the love of God, don’t draft a quarterback and ruin their life.

Look Ahead
Well, we have a lot of great games this weekend so, here comes a heavy dose of picks.

Texans at Bucs is going to be a lot of fun.  O/U sits at 49.5 and this will easily be covered.

The Bills go into New England for what should be a fun game.  New England sits as a 6.5 point favorite, but that means nothing to me.  I’m taking Bills on the money line.

Rams and Niners go head to head in the late game.  Take the Niners -6.5 and don’t look back.

Saints at Titans could also be a lot of fun.  As good as Tennessee has been over the last couple weeks, it’s not good enough to beat the Saints.  Take New Orleans -2.5.

Cowboys head into Philly for a game that could decide the NFC East.  Dallas sits at -3 and they should easily cover against a depleted Eagles team.

And our last pick, Green Bay heads into Minnesota for what should be an exciting game.  Vikings are sitting at -4.5.  I got two picks here. Vikings on the money line but Packers should cover.

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