An Uneducated Take: Week 17

One more time, with feeling

by Three Point Stance Contributor Zack Couch | @ZackCouch

Savor the flavor ladies and gents because we are here.  Week 17 is upon us.  The battles for homefield advantage in the NFC, the NFC East crown, and the final Wild Card spot in the AFC all remain up for grabs.  I had one of the worst weeks of the year as I went 1-5 in my picks.  Season total now sits at 42-33.  

Now, this is coming a little bit late in the week due to the holidays.  So, we’re not going to fully rehash Week 16 because it has already been done to death.  So, gonna drop down a few Quick Takes, then the look ahead.

Quick Takes
Antonio Brown: “Whole Lotta Money” teaser? Beefing with his dad?  I don’t know what else he can do, but we will continue to talk about him.

OJ Simpson: He won his fantasy league. Did anyone have a better 2019 than him?!?!?

Marshawn Lynch: Excited to see him return to the Seahawks.  Loved his press conference.  About 80% certain he has no life left in those legs.

Ravens: Congrats on locking up home field in the AFC, but seeing Andrews and Ingram go down was rough.  Here’s to hoping they can bounce back in time for the playoffs.

Jimmy Garappolo: Played sub-par most of the game against the Rams, but pulled off two 3rd and 16 conversions to set up Gould for the win on the final drive.  Is he clutch? Who knows?  But that was impressive to pick those up.

Patriots: Solid win against the Bills, but the even bigger win might be that NFL investigators are unable to connect the film crew, that filmed the Bengals sidelines, to the football operations.

Cowboys: Would the Cowboys have clinched the NFC East already if they had fired Garrett after the Thanksgiving loss to the Bills?

Green Bay Packers: Talk about the quietest 12-3 I have ever seen, and should easily lay claim to the #2 seed in the NFC.

Look Ahead
With the way the NFL has scheduled the last week, there’s not a whole lot of drama in the early games on Sunday, but the second batch, plus the night game, should deliver all the excitement we should expect.

Dallas vs Washington will not be a good game.  I’m taking Dallas -11 but what will be interesting to see is how the Eagles respond in their game against the Giants if they see Dallas is running away against Washington. And I think the Eagles choke this one away.  I’d take New York on the money line in this one and Dallas to host the 5th seed the following week.

In regards to the AFC Wild Card spot, there is one game that will determine who will get the spot and it has nothing to do with Pittsburgh or Tennessee.  The game between San Diego and KC will decide this one.  With that game happening in the early slate, Bill O’Brien will have his eyes on the score of this one, mainly because if the Chiefs win, the Texans will have nothing to play for against the Titans and can rest their starters, if the Chiefs lose, that opens up Houston to move in to the three spot.  So, here’s how things will shape up. KC will win but San Diego will cover the +9.  That will lead to Tennessee covering -3.5 and thus locking up the final Wild Card spot.   Leaving Pittsburgh with nothing to play for in their game but pride that they may be able to beat the Ravens backups.

This leaves us with the Sunday night game.  In a rematch of one of the best games of the year, the 49ers head into Seattle with a shot at homefield advantage on the line.  Seattle is coming into this game real banged up and I fully expect the 49ers to cover the 3 point spread. 

And with that, there’s not a whole lot left to say.  Except, there’s one game left on the docket that I have a pick for.  Atlanta at Tampa Bay.  On paper, it’s a meaningless game, but a win here might be able to give Dan Quinn some breathing room in regards to keeping his job.  And that’s huge “might.”  However, this should be a fun game.  Atlanta’s offense should be able to score at will against this horrible Bucs D and the Bucs offense should be able to continue to put up points.  Over/Under sits at 47.5 and I would definitely take the over.

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