Fantasy Attack: Week 17

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by Lead Fantasy writer  Steve Cook@SteveCook84 |

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It’s Week 17. How did your fantasy teams do?

Week 16 was one of the best weeks my fantasy teams had all season. I went 3-0, winning 5th & 7th place games across the board. It goes to show that I had the right long-term plans. I just ran into a few problems along the way. Much like Mike Brown all those years where 3-13 Bengals teams would win two games at the end of the season, I am encouraged that things are still heading in the right direction. Next year will be better.

It pretty much has to be.

If you’re playing fantasy football this week…hopefully it’s a daily thing and not some yearly league nonsense. Either way, here’s some assistance for whatever your fantasy pleasure is this week. Me, I suggest hopping on the site & winning some money there.

Fave 5
Aaron Jones
: It’s been a different type of offense this year for the Green Bay Packers. We’re used to Aaron Rodgers leading the way with a no-name backfield not doing much of note. This season, it’s all about Jones leading the way with Rodgers flailing away with nobody to throw the ball to. Jones needs 16 yards to get to 1,000 and he’ll have no problem with that against a porous Lions defense.

Ezekiel Elliott: The Cowboys gotta win on Sunday and get some help to extend Jason Garrett’s coaching tenure. You know how you win if you’re the Cowboys? FEED. ZEKE. THE ROCK. When he’s getting carries, he’s getting yards and getting touchdowns. The more carries he has, the more likely it is the Cowboys win. And Washington has an inept rushing defense that hasn’t gotten any better since they last played Dallas in Week 2. Expect the play-calling to focus on Zeke. If they’re smart.

Julio Jones: Julio needs 84 yards to get to 1,400 yards for the sixth consecutive season. Jerry Rice is the only person that’s done that six times overall. You know Matt Ryan will do all he can to make that happen, and you also know that Tampa Bay has a horrendous secondary. Julio’s going off this week, no doubt about it.

Sony Michel: The Patriots running game is back! They ran all over Buffalo last week, and that’s exactly what Tom Brady needs to make a run to another championship nobody outside of the New England area & girls that have a crush on Tom Brady need to see. Miami is a famously tricky opponent for New England to beat late in the season, but I figure the Pats can run the ball down their throats enough to get the job done.

Jared Goff: Goff has been a bit of a roller coaster this year. He’s had some pretty decent ups. But those downs have been further down than the ups have been up. So those of us that drafted him this year in yearly leagues will never do it again. I do like his chances this week against the Cardinals, mostly because he’s looked competent lately.

Fearful 4
Robert Griffin III
: The Baltimore Ravens have clinched the AFC 1 seed, so they’ve already done the smartest thing they could possibly do. They announced that Lamar Jackson isn’t playing this week. Which would be smart in most scenarios when you’ve clinched a 1 seed, but especially smart when you’re playing against the Pittsburgh Steelers. There isn’t a dirtier team out there, and you know they’d be looking to injure Lamar if they had the chance.

Minnesota WRs: The Vikings are set as the NFC 6 seed, which means that anybody important should take a breather this week. For our purposes, since we assume Dalvin Cook wouldn’t be around anyway, that means the likes of Stefon Diggs & Adam Thielen. Just stay away from Viking players this week to be safe.

Josh Jacobs: Jon Gruden said that Jacobs “might” play this week. Not exactly a vote of confidence, and the Broncos are pretty good at stopping running backs anyway, so I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

Devin Singletary: People are telling me the Bills backfield officially belongs to Singletary now, since he’s getting all the carries. So, that tells me we’ll see a lot of Frank Gore this week. The Bills are going to be the AFC 5 seed, there’s absolutely no drama there. So why wouldn’t they give this kid who seems to have hit the rookie wall anyway a breather this week and let the old man get some yards and maybe even a touchdown if he’s lucky?

3 Sleepers
Drew Lock (6% owned in Yahoo! leagues): Lock didn’t get too much done against a weak Lions secondary, but the kid is 3-1 as an NFL starter. Shades of Timmy Tebow, am I right? He faces another weak defense this week in Oakland, so there’s the chance to prove he should be the full-time starter next season.

Jonnu Smith (15% owned in Yahoo! leagues):  I was hoping this guy would break out earlier in the season when Delanie Walker initially got hurt and I recommended him. It took some time, but the last three weeks have been what we were hoping for. Weeks of 8, 11 & 12 points are what you hope for from a tight end, and the Texans have been weak against tight ends all season. Including Week 15 against the Titans.

Marshawn Lynch (1% owned in Yahoo! leagues): Honestly, I’m not expecting much here. Lynch hasn’t played all season and he’s just here because Chris Carson got hurt. There’s just the chance of the storybook ending unfurling here, where Beast Mode goes off, eats some Skittles and leads the Seahawks to the NFC West title and further postseason glory. I don’t know how likely it is, but wouldn’t it be fun to get in on the ground floor?


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