3 Things in the XFL This Weekend

What to watch for in these four games

by Three Point Stance Managing Editor Brandon Rush | @BrandonRush | Brandon@3PSMag.com

The XFL opened last weekend with some fairly solid reviews, a couple competitve games, and a handful of innovations that could infiltrate the NFL or College games in the years to come. But if this league is going to last, I need to see some things this weekend to help ensure its stabilty, plus now that I am on my #XFLRaceTo1K betting stupidity (follow on twitter here), I need to see some things to continue to put money in my pocket.

First things first, I want to see if Landry Jones can live up to this “face of the league” moniker that he has begrudgingly been saddled with. Jones was the first player to sign with the league, and has yet to play in it thanks to a training camp injury. Based off Week 1’s performances, Landry has his work cut out for him as his teammates weren’t exactly awesome in a season opening loss to St. Louis, but if he is the missing piece Dallas needs to get Hal Mumme’s offense rolling, so be it.

That said, this is Cardale Jones’ league until otherwise noted.

Next, I want to see how the west coast markets do in terms of attendance. Seattle is a football crazed city, the Seahawks and the Sounders of MLS always have great, LOUD, fans, and I am curious to see how they show out for this product.

Getting better QB play from Brandon Silvers will help the Dragons, but after leaving last weeks game with an injury in the 4th quarter, his status is currently questionable.

Los Angeles plays at home for the first time in the XFL, I think it would be hilarious if they outdrew the Chargers in Week 1. It won’t happen, the Chargers averaged 31,750 per game in 2019, Dignity Health Sports Park only seats 27,000 in its current configuration, but is offering standing room tickets for the home opener.

Lastly, I need to see some of the innovations the XFL offers pay off. Need to see a kick return for a touchdown, a team succesfully try a 3-pt conversion, and finally a game end up in overtime. We need to know this is going to work.

Additionally, the league really needs to have competitive games to help pull similar ratings on ABC, Fox, and FS1. Getting 3.3 million viewers again for Saturday is going to be hard, but as a lead in for NBA All-Star Saturday night the most pressure may be on the Tampa Bay vs Seattle game. If the game is not close, people are going to bolt. As for Sunday, Dallas vs Los Angeles kicks off 30 minutes after the start of the Daytona 500 and the second game of the double header (St. Louis vs Houston) will be in the late third/early fourth quarter when the NBA All-Star game starts.

Give people a reason to watch and we will, so here is hoping for an entertaining (and profitable) weekend in the XFL!

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