Brandon Rush

Co-Creator, Managing Editor, Host of Three Point Stance Magazine @BrandonRush twitter logo |

I’ve spent almost two decades in all forms of media from radio, TV, web, and print and have been a featured writer for, the Oklahoma Pigskin Preview Magazine, and many other websites and publications.

In my career I have covered college and professional football, basketball, baseball, and hockey games for ESPN Radio, Yahoo Sports Radio, and Fox Sports Radio, but this avenue is something I believe that really fits my strengths.

Prior to co-creating Three Point Stance Magazine with Jeff Lyons, I spent over 12 seasons as a play-by-play announcer, coaches show host, and as a host of my own weekly radio shows and podcasts.

I attended the University of Oklahoma, but wasn’t near good enough to play (despite what I might say when you get a few drinks in me). My passion for football runs deep and if you stick around here long enough, that will be very evident. I’ve done almost everything you can do in football: Played, coached (pewee football), front office and media relations, radio and TV play by play announcer, sold season tickets/sponsorships, recruiting, scouting, video editor, and equipment management. Only things I think I haven’t done have been referee a game, drive the team bus, tape someones ankles, or be the owner of a team.

When I’m not here scouring the web for stories, I spend time with my wife and dog in Louisville, KY. I am currently an NFL fan free agent, Oklahoma City Thunder, Detroit Tigers, and Nashville Predators.

Love betting on the games, playing poker, and learning how to cook.