Jeffrey C. Lyons

Co-Creator, Editor, Host of Three Point Stance Magazine and Bearing Down on Da Bears| @jeffreyclyons twitter logo |

Since playing high school and college football, the Xs and Os have always been a passion for Jeff.  He prides himself on knowing the game and the statistical details.  Many times Jeff has been known to get extremely frustrated with those other “talking heads” when they give or continually quote factually inaccurate information.

Partnering with Brandon Rush, Jeff believes in their mission to bring a different perspective on football to our readers/listeners and fans.  Jeff is a founder of Three Point Stance Mag, but will always be the resident smart ass.  While many will debate his sense of humor, you can guarantee everything will be dripping in sarcasm.  The only thing Jeff doesn’t joke about is playing the spread, he is always more than happy to talk about lines, what Vegas is doing, and where the easy action is.

Teams that Jeff follows:

  • Chicago Bears – One of his first memories is watching Super Bowl XX
  • Notre Dame – Lou Holtz, Tim Brown, Tony Rice, just to name a few that impacted his fandom
  • Kentucky – This came through his best friend always giving him great tickets, but he could only accept them if he rooted for the Cats. It stuck, but all this proves is his final allegiance is for sale…

Fun facts:

  • Jeff has not lost an EA NCAA Football game to an opponent (human or computer) since 1999 and no matter what the match-up was
  • Starting as a DT and Guard, Jeff ended up getting a scholarship to kick in college. According to him, “I was 5’9” since Sophomore year in high school and while I got wider, I never got taller!”
  • Jeff is only about Defense and Quarterbacks. He feels that any team who has both of those on the great level will always win.  Be careful quarterbacks, sometimes you may offend his “Quarterback Sensibilities.”

Jeff is from Chicago, but currently resides with his wife outside Cincinnati.  Expect to read and hear more from him in the near future!