Sam Forman

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Hello football junkies from far and wide, this is Sam Forman coming to you from the foothills of the Great Smokey Mountains in Kodak, Tennessee.

I hope you will get a bit more of an understanding about who I am from my work, but for those that want a rundown about myself, here goes nothing.

The stuff you may or may not care about starts off pretty simply. I love to hang out with friends when I’m not on the clock for a number of different media outlets. To be honest while my job is to write and talk about sports, that is really all me and my friends do when we are hanging out…well that and watching sports of course.

To say sports has played a large role in my life would be an understatement. I grew up in a sports family that lived and breathed just about every sport you can think of. I live in SEC country and can proudly say I have been to almost ever SEC stadium to either see or cover a game.

I won’t lie to you I grew up a die-hard Vol fan, but I do my best to not be just some SEC or Tennessee homer. The ability to talk about the Vols from an unbiased and journalistic point of view is something I take great pride in and that goes for the SEC as well and I’ll tell you if I am being homer on a topic.

Now, I’ll gladly give you my opinions on anything and everything involving the Big Orange and SEC in not only football, but any sport you want to talk about. However, clearly we talk football here and that is something I am happy to do as much as possible with anyone that wants to chat on twitter or read or listen to my work.

Currently I am studying Journalism and Electronic Media at the University of Tennessee, at Knoxville where hopefully I will soon earn my bachelor’s degree in the field. I also serve as the sports director for WUTK Radio, which is the University of Tennessee’s student radio station.

So, I cover a lot of Vols and Lady Vols sporting events and do a lot of talking when it comes to UT athletics as you may have guessed already.

While I love college football and really all college sports in general, I am just a sports junkie at heart.

From college football, basketball, baseball and softball to the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL I am always watching sports and talking about them. Also as a side note I love watching, talking about and writing about women’s sports and growing up watching Pat Summitt and the Lady Vols how could you not fall in love with women’s basketball.

Outside of my work here at Three Point Stance I write, produce and am an on air talent for UT’s student radio station as mentioned earlier, but since it’s not a sports only station this also means I step behind the mic to DJ every once in a while as well.

I also work for Cumulus Media in Knoxville, Tennessee as well. Where I am a board operator and producer for Sports Radio WNML which is UT’s flagship station. I also serve as a board operator and producer for the Vol network for football, baseball and softball broadcasts.

While my life clearly revolves very heavily around sports, I also love to be outdoors and enjoy nature with friends and family, but my biggest passion outside of sports is music.

I spent six years marching in the Pride of the Southland Marching band at the University of Tennessee during football season and six years playing for both the men’s and women’s basketball pep bands. The Pride is truly one of the best bands in all of college football and yes I love marching bands and think college football half times should be all about the bands.

Marching bands are one reason college football, in my mind, is better than the NFL and one of the best sports in general, due to the passion, tradition and love they help bring out in a fan base.

I draw inspiration from the likes of Tim Bando, Mark Packer, Colin Cowherd, Chris Berman, Chris Fowler, Stephen A. Smith and the late greats Stuart Scott and John Ward among others.

I think the thing I take away from most of them is their passion for sports and I try to always bring out my passion for sports in everything I write about and every time I’m on air whether that be the SEC pod cast here at 3ps or anything at WUTK or WNML radio.

Now let’s talk some football already,

Sam Forman