Steve Cook

Lead Fantasy Writer, Host of Fantasy Attack | @SteveCook84  |
Steve Cook wishes he could have played some football back in his athletic heyday. There were a couple of things in the way. For one thing, he was never the best athlete. He went into a chubby phase towards the end of elementary school & never kicked out of it. The second issue was that he went to a high school that wasn’t known for success in football. Though Scott High School did give the NFL a kicker in Doug Pelfrey (whose family owned Steve’s childhood home before his family did), their record has been lacking over the years. SHS won two games during Steve’s four years there. He had no interest in being one of the lambs led to slaughter.
Steve’s favorite NFL team is the Cincinnati Bengals. This led to him looking for other reasons to be interested in the sport, as the Bengals have never really been a contender to win anything. While he was in college, he gave in to the beast known as Fantasy Football. He’s never seen the sport the same way since. During the season, Steve is obsessed with his various teams & working his way into the playoffs. He does it more often than not, and the championships & top-three finishes are too numerous to list here.
Steve has written & podcasted about Fantasy Football over the past several years. He’s more known online for his writings on Professional Wrestling, which most would classify as a fantasy. Needless to say, his fantasy life is more rewarding than his real one.