Tom Tabler

Contributing Writer |@tctabler 

I have worked all over the sports business the past few years. Truth be told, I would be happy running a bar living the Sam Malone lifestyle, but until that happens I work as a sideline reporter, recruiting guru, and occasionally shock jock.

Now on to the getting to know you section of the bio. I have a Master’s degree in military history and tried the teaching thing out briefly, until I decided I worked better in the sports industry. I co-hosted a radio show in Northwest Arkansas for four years; I worked as the recruiting expert and kept all the major conferences covered every day. Today I cover high school sports for Mascot Media out of Fayetteville, Arkansas.

The teams I live and die with are; the Kansas City Royals, Arkansas Razorbacks-basketball, Dallas Cowboys, and the Utah Jazz. Feel free to judge, most people I know do.

You can follow me on twitter at @tctabler. I am on there or on my facebook account quite a bit so just give me a shout.

I hope you enjoy my Big 12 work and I look forward to hitting on some recruiting as well.